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Does NetFlow capture UDP traffic?

Does NetFlow capture UDP traffic?

NetFlow records are traditionally exported using User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and collected using a NetFlow collector. The IP address of the NetFlow collector and the destination UDP port must be configured on the sending router. A common value is UDP port 2055, but other values like 9555 or 9995, 9025, 9026 etc.

What protocol is NetFlow?

NetFlow is a network protocol developed by Cisco for collecting IP traffic information and monitoring network flow. By analyzing NetFlow data, you can get a picture of network traffic flow and volume.

What layer is NetFlow?

The Flexible NetFlow – Layer 2 Fields feature enables collecting statistics for Layer 2 fields such as MAC addresses and virtual LAN (VLAN) IDs from traffic. Your software release may not support all the features documented in this module.

Which two fields are defined in the NetFlow flow?

Initially, NetFlow defines a flow as the combination of the following seven key-fields: Source IP address. Destination IP address. Source port number.

Is NetFlow an open standard?

So which is the open standard: NetFlow or sFlow? Both are open. IPFIX is a flow standard which is based on NetFlow v9.

How much bandwidth does NetFlow use?

This depends on the number of conversations that are being summarized by NetFlow. According to Cisco, v9 and v5 exporters will use about 1.5% to 3% of the monitored interfaces bandwidth. The traffic will be proportional to the number of active conversations and the interface bandwidth.

What is difference between syslog and SNMP?

The SNMP protocol allows you to remote monitor and control your network devices. Syslog is just an alerting mechanism – it won’t allow you to remotely take action when an alarm happens. Syslog is often used for troubleshooting and debugging, while SNMP messages are used for device management and reporting.

What is the difference between NetFlow and SFlow?

The most notable difference of SFlow vs NetFlow is that SFlow is network layer independent and has the ability to sample everything and to access traffic from OSI layer 2-7, while NetFlow is restricted to IP traffic only. Does not capture any packets.