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How can I get a discount at CVS?

How can I get a discount at CVS?

9 Money-Saving Secrets for Shopping at CVS

  1. Sign up for a CVS ExtraCare Rewards card.
  2. Download the CVS Pharmacy app.
  3. Keep your eye out for emails.
  4. Check the Sunday ads.
  5. Request digital receipts.
  6. Shop for clearance items.
  7. Scan your CVS card at the red coupon machine.
  8. Take a rain check.

How do I use CVS receipt coupons?

You must sign in to redeem them and check out. The coupon value can’t exceed the total value of merchandise in your Basket. A CVS/pharmacy coupon printed on your receipt or at the ExtraCare Coupon Center can’t be redeemed on a order unless it expressly states that it’s valid on purchases.

How do I get text coupons from CVS?

CVS ExtraCare members can sign up to receive texts from CVS and get a $5 off coupon one beauty product. Text EXTRA to 397-473 and you will receive a text with a link where you complete your enrollment in ExtraCare texts.

Does CVS take expired coupons?

CVS Changes As of today CVS is no longer taking expired store coupons (including ECB’s) past a 14 day grace period. That means you can still use expired coupons, but only until 2 weeks past their expiration date. Before grumbling, realize that this is still one of the most lenient policies out there!

Does CVS take expired coupons 2022?

When you are heading to CVS to redeem your coupons, please keep the following in mind: * Coupons must be presented during checkout, be legible and have a scannable barcode. * Coupons are void if copied, scanned, altered, expired or prohibited by law.

Does CVS have text rewards?

Members of the CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare Rewards program now can receive information on offers and deals via text message. Text alerts sent to shoppers who opt in can include exclusive offers and deal reminders that can be sent directly to a connected ExtraCare card by tapping and visiting the link within the message.

How do I redeem my CVS rewards?

How can I redeem my birthday reward on It’s easy. Before you shop, sign in to your account or the CVS Pharmacy app, go to “Deals & Rewards” and send your reward to your ExtraCare card. You can apply it when you check out.