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How do you set up a Dynojet Quick Shifter?

How do you set up a Dynojet Quick Shifter?

Please follow the instructions below to configure your Quick Shifter.

  1. Select Power Commander Tools > Configure > Quick Shifter.
  2. Select the Enabled box.
  3. Using the drop-down arrow, select a Mode.
  4. Enter a minimum RPM.
  5. Enter a Shift Interval.
  6. Enter the Shift Kill times.
  7. Click OK to accept the changes.

Do I need a power commander for Quickshifter?

This new stand-alone unit allows any vehicle with up to 4 coils to have quickshifter functionality without the need of a Power Commander.

How much time does a Quickshifter save?

25 seconds on a stopwatch. It’s faster than the blink of a human eye, which is clocks in at around 300-400 milliseconds. Most quickshifters are set with a delay around 55-75 milliseconds. I’m not necessarily saying that you’re losing a few tenths every time you shift.

How does Dynojet Quick Shifter work?

The Dynojet Quick Shifter (DQS) allows full throttle, clutch less shifting. This is done by momentarily cutting the fuel and or ignition, which unloads the transmission. During this time, the rider can shift up to the next gear without rolling off the throttle or using the clutch.

How do you check a quick shifter?

Static Configuration Test With everything connected normally, go into the Power Commander software Quick Shifter setting and lower the minimum RPM to 1000, and change the kill time to 250. Send map. Now sitting still with the bike running in neutral, pull in the clutch and move the shifter into second with your foot.

What is shift interval?

The Shift Interval is the minimum time between each shift. If a second shift event occurs sooner than the length of time set here, it will be ignored. 9 Enter the Shift Kill times. The Shift Kill Time is the amount of time (in milliseconds, 1000mS=1 second) that engine power will be cut for one shift event.

Is it easy to install a quick shifter?

Unit itself was extremely easy to install. All plug and play, no splicing wires at all and it is completely standalone so no other units are required to function.

Which is the fastest gearbox?

Example Gearbox Up-shift times (fastest to slowest): Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 [Single clutch ISR automated gearbox]: 50ms. Ferrari 430 Scuderia: 60 ms. Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale 2016: 60ms.

Can I install Quickshifter on any bike?

Can you fit a quickshifter to any bike? An HM upshifter can be fitted to pretty much any bike, though some coil packs can be problematic. The biggest restriction is having a selector arm long enough to accommodate the strain gauge unit.

Can you still use clutch with Quickshifter?

With a quickshifter, the rider doesn’t need to use the clutch or throttle at all. All one needs to do is tap up with your foot, and the quickshifter will handle everything for you.

Can you still use your clutch with Quickshifter?

Who has the fastest shifting transmission?

The 2017 Camaro ZL1 will be available later in the year with an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission. This new traditional automatic transmission (built in partnership with Ford) will be the fastest shifting gearbox ever made.

How much does it cost to fit a Quickshifter?

Dynojet’s plug-and-play quickshifters cost anywhere from $125-$430. Customized race-spec kits can sometimes crest the $1000-mark, Cycle World reports.

Are quick shifters bad for motorcycles?

However, it has been known that quick shifters can damage your motorcycle’s gearbox. Quick shifters should not cause any damage to the gearbox because it cut the fuel and/or spark during the shift time which makes the shifting easier on the transmission with no loading during that split second shift change.

What is Dynojet’s quick shifter?

Whether you need a faster shift for the racetrack or are just looking for an easier commute, Dynojet’s Quick Shifter will overhaul your motorcycle experience. With both standalone kits and versions that pair with our fuel tuners, this can upgrade nearly any bike for smoother performance.

How does the quick shifter kit work?

Installing our Quick Shifter kit is fast and easy, with no wiring required. It simply plugs into the fuel injector and is then active to use on your next shift. There are multiple options for motorcycles like Harley-Davidson’s, Indians, sports bikes and more.

Can the quick shifter upgrade my bike for smoother performance?

With both standalone kits and versions that pair with our fuel tuners, this can upgrade nearly any bike for smoother performance. Installing our Quick Shifter kit is fast and easy, with no wiring required.