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What is the latest update of ETS2?

What is the latest update of ETS2?

Update 1.43 (8 December 2021)

How can I update ETS2?


  1. Notice. The Steam version of the game is updated automatically through the Steam client.
  2. New: Updater. Use the peer-to-peer protocol to get updates fast.
  3. Patch from any older version. Updater for latest version Fast and automatic.
  4. Full install.

Does Euro Truck Simulator 2 have cars?

Cars are included in game since the last mp update.

Is Euro Truck Simulator 2 still being updated?

Thursday, May 12, 2022 We are happy to share with you that the 1.44 update has now been released for Euro Truck Simulator 2. This update is packed with new features and changes, so we recommend reading through them all.

What is retarder in Euro Truck Simulator?

The Retarder slow down the Drive shaft from the Transmission to the rear axel !

Can you get out of the truck in ETS2?

Walk mode is in truck modifcation at a garage/repair shop only. When you’re in a service shop, on the page where you have all those tabs at the top for engine, gearbox etc. There’s a button at the bottom-right side for a first person camera/ walk mode.

Are Euro Truck Simulator roads real?

Is it possible to learn something from driving in ETS2? It’s not the actual roads, distances nor cities. The cities are all the same, with some minor changes. As for the roads, the scenery wont change much, the distances are lowered to fit the gameplay, the only thing that changes are the speed limits.

How do I add money to ETS2?

There are 3 main ways of adding money to your profile.

  1. Cheat engine. -As Helion Prime said above, you can use cheat engine to add money, which is completely allowed by the rules.
  2. Download a profile (Best and easiest in my opinion)
  3. Save Editing and SII Decrypter.

What does engine brake do ets2?

The “engine brake” actually chokes the engine, e.g it reduces air supply to the cylinders, which akes the engine less efficient and slows the truck down.

Is a jake brake a retarder?

The Jacobs Engine BrakeĀ® (also known as the “Jake BrakeĀ®”) is a diesel engine retarder that uses the engine to aid in slowing and controlling the vehicle. When activated, the engine brake alters the operation of the engine’s exhaust valves so that the engine works as a power-absorbing air compressor.

Can you walk in ETS 2?