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What was the coldest day in 2012?

What was the coldest day in 2012?

February 6
Early 2012 European cold wave

Extreme minimum temperature 4 to 11 February 2012, computer generated contours, based on preliminary data
Dissipated February 17, 2012
Lowest temperature −42.7 °C (−44.9 °F) (February 6, Inari, Finland)
Fatalities 904+
Damage $660 million (2012 USD)

What was the coldest day in Melbourne last year?

Melbourne – Lowest Temperature for Each Year

Min °F Date Min °C
32 June 29, 2020 0
32 August 30, 2019 0
28 August 29, 2018 -2
31 July 02, 2017 -1

When was the coldest winter in Melbourne?

Canberra, well known for its frosty winters, remained below 12.7 degrees, its coldest start to winter since 1964….Coldest start to winter in decades for eastern Australia with power grid under strain.

Melbourne Coldest since 1949, temps staying below 15C

When did Melbourne get snow?

Snow in Melbourne is extremely rare, with decades in between the times that snow has actually fallen in Melbourne. Before the snowstorm of 2005, the last snowstorm to hit Melbourne hadn’t been since June 25th, 1986. The time before that occurrence was in 1951.

When did Melbourne last have a 40 degree day?

Melbourne – Highest Temperature for Each Year

Max °F Date Max °C
106 January 31, 1946 41
104 December 26, 1945 40
104 January 22, 1944 40
107 January 31, 1943 42

When was the last time Melbourne snowed?

What was the coldest day in 2009?

This is the coldest temperature at Erie since February 10, 1994 when it was -7 degrees. At Toledo the low so far today has been -14 degrees….Normals/Records for January 16:

Normal Low 17
Record Low -16
Year of Record Low 1982

Has it ever snowed on Christmas in Australia?

“There was a particularly significant [event] actually in southern Western Australia in November 1992, which was arguably one of their two or three most significant snowfalls of the past 50 years at any time of year,” he said. Then there was the Christmas Day snowfall in Tasmania and Victoria in 2006.