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How do I convince Atar to leave?

How do I convince Atar to leave?

Do this by first speaking to Ainethach and asking what the trouble is with the mine. Tell him you will convince Atar and his mercenaries to leave, which starts his quest, then go speak to Atar. Instead of telling Atar to leave, ask him why he shut down the mine and take on his quest to convince Ainethach to sell it.

Who is Ainethach in Skyrim?

Ainethach is the proprietor of Sanuarach Mine in Karthwasten. He has one son, Rondach who works in the kitchen at Understone Keep in Markarth. He is one of the few who own land in the Reach and is not a Nord. Neither the Nords nor the Forsworn trust him though.

Where is Sanuarach Mine in Skyrim?

Sanuarach Mine is an unmarked mine located in Karthwasten. It contains silver ore veins.

Who is Ragnar in Skyrim?

Ragnar is a Nord miner who works inside Sanuarach Mine and at the smelter outside the mine.

Is armor of the old gods good?

The Armor of the Old Gods is perhaps the best piece of light body armor in the game. It offers a 24 armor rating and Fortifies Destruction by 15 points. This is fantastic for Spellsword builds or players that enjoy wearing light armor while using Destruction magic.

Was Ragnar the Red Nord?

Ragnar the Red is a Nord and High King of Skyrim after the end of the Fourth Era Civil War.

How do you marry Belrand?

  1. Description. After hiring him for the standard 500.
  2. Marriage. Belrand can be married if the Dragonborn has the Amulet of Mara equipped and has him as a follower.
  3. Combat.

Who is ainethach in the dragonborn?

Ainethach is a Breton residing in the town of Karthwasten, of which he is the leader. He also owns the local Sanuarach Mine . When the Dragonborn reaches Karthwasten, Ainethach is arguing with Silver-Blood mercenaries about Sanuarach Mine.

What does ainethach do for a living?

Ainethach is a Breton miner and the owner of Karthwasten and its two mines, Sanuarach Mine and Fenn’s Gulch Mine. He has two adult children named Rondach and Voada who work in Understone Keep as the chef’s assistants.

What weapons does ainethach carry?

Ainethach wears a set of fine clothes and matching boots. He is equipped with a steel dagger and carries a key to Karthwasten Hall and a selection of upper-class items and gold. Sanuarach Mine: End the dispute over Sanuarach Mine.

How many children does ainethach have?

He has two adult children named Rondach and Voada who work in Understone Keep as the chef’s assistants. As one of the few native Reachmen to own land in the Reach, Ainethach is frequently hassled by both the Forsworn and Nords of Markarth, who both accuse him of having a secret agenda against their respective groups.