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Is Info Edge and Naukri same?

Is Info Edge and Naukri same?

Info Edge went public in 2006 under the name “Naukri”. As of 2018, more than 70 percent of the company’s revenue comes from the job portal

Is Infoedge a good company?

Info edge Is very stable an understanding company, The work profile is very dynamic and it gives lot of opportunity to learn different things. The work culture is very healthy, manager are very supportive and works towards your growth.

What is Info Edge business model?

Info Edge generates revenue through the provision of various services through its online recruitment, property, matrimonial, and education classifieds portals. The Company derives its revenue in the form of fees associated with its various services and advertising solutions.

Who is owner of Info Edge?

Sanjeev Bikhchandani
Sanjeev Bikhchandani is an Indian businessman, who is the founder and executive vice chairman of Info Edge which owns, a job portal, as well as the co-founder of Ashoka University. He was given the Padma Shri Award, the fourth Highest civilian award in India, in January 2020. He attended St.

Who is the CEO of Info Edge?

Hitesh Oberoi (Jul 26, 2010–)Info Edge India / CEO

Is Info Edge a good company for freshers?

Info Edge is rated 3.9 out of 5, based on 1.7k reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. Info Edge is known for Job Security which is rated at the top and given a rating of 4.0. However, Career growth is rated the lowest at 3.6 and can be improved.

Is Info Edge a unicorn company?

Info Edge began investing in startups in 2007. Two among four of its first set of investments — Zomato and Policybazaar — have become unicorns. Over the past 14 years, Info Edge has invested close to USD200 million across nearly three dozen startups. It sits on stakes worth USD1.

How does Info Edge make money? is the core business of Info edge and contributes around 71% of revenue for InfoEdge. It has an EBITDA profit margin of 55% which makes it a cash cow for Info Edge. continues to use its market leadership position to grow its business.

How old is Sanjeev Bikhchandani?

59 years (June 29, 1963)Sanjeev Bikhchandani / Age

Is Zomato owned by Info Edge?

Info Edge holds a 15.23 percent stake in Zomato, which at the peak of the latter’s stock price was valued at Rs 20,190 crore.

Is there any bond in Info Edge?

Great team bonding, Great work if you can find it or get it by a chance, Great growth if you position yourself correctly you can grow to lead positions real quick, the increments are quite amazing.

What is the other income of Info Edge?


Yearly – Info Edge (India) Ltd.
Rs (in Crores)
Net Sales Turnover 1562.46 915.49
Other Income 170.24 97.09
Total Income 1732.70 1012.58

What is Naukri paid service?

Our paid services known as Naukri FastForward Services include resume writing, Recruiter Connection, and Priority Applicant among others. These services can help you to get an advantage while searching for a job but cannot guarantee a job.

How is Info Edge Quora?

It’s one of the best Product company, I have had worked with. It will not only give you exposure to learn new things and but it will give you that environment where in you can bring in your ideas. The leadership team is very down to earth. Everyone is easily approachable.

Is Info Edge undervalued?

Is Info Edge (India) Ltd undervalued or overvalued? The key valuation ratios of Info Edge (India) Ltd’s currently when compared to its past seem to suggest it is in the Somewhat overvalued zone.

How is it like to work at Info Edge?

Every thing is good except salary Infoedge work culture is too good. Ambiance facility everything is good and for woman it’s a very nice organization for her. Work pressure is also manageable but I am not satisfied with the salary because it’s too low.