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Is the Citroen C3 a reliable car?

Is the Citroen C3 a reliable car?

Is a used Citroën C3 hatchback reliable? On the whole the second generation C3 is proving to be a pretty reliable car, and the French car maker finished 13th out of 24 manufacturers in the 2016 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study.

Is Citroen C3 comfortable?

The Citroen C3 is not fun to drive like a Ford Fiesta, another of its alternatives. Instead, its soft suspension means it’s very comfortable for a car like this and the cabin is also relatively quiet on the motorway. Engines include two petrols and one diesel, and all are reasonably efficient.

Is Citroen C3 a good first car?

Citroën’s C3 was praised for being reliable, safe, easy to drive, affordable to run and easy to live with. David Motton, FirstCar’s Editor, said; “The C3 is a car that instructors will enjoy driving and their pupils will be excited to learn in.

How much is the road tax on a Citroen C3?

Annual Road Tax CO2 Emissions (g/km)
1.4 HDi SX 5d SensoDrive £30.00 113 (Band C)
1.6 HDi 16V SX 5d £30.00 115-118 (Band C)
1.4i SX 5d £180.00 145-148 (Band F)
1.4i SX 5d SensoDrive £180.00 143 (Band F)

Do Citroën C3 have heated seats?

The front seats can be heated individually. Do not use the function when the seat is not occupied. Reduce the heating intensity as soon as possible.

Where are Citroën C3 cars made?

The first-gen C3 has been manufactured in Spain until 2010, in France until Summer 2011 and sold across Europe until February 2011. The South-American model stays manufactured and sold until 2012.

Where is the water pump on a Citroen C3?

engine bay
Your car’s water pump is located in the engine bay and is usually powered from the engine drive belt. It is responsible for circulating the engine coolant around the cooling system.

Is the Citroen C3 a good car?

Citroen’s new C3 is a competitor in the Euro tiddler class against the likes of Peugeot 208 , Renault Clio, VW Polo, Skoda Fabia and some might suggest the awful Fiat Punto . While the C3 test car can cop a bit of flak for its ancient four speed auto, the rest of the fresh-faced frog is pretty impressive.

How much does a Mercedes Benz C3 cost?

While the C3 test car can cop a bit of flak for its ancient four speed auto, the rest of the fresh-faced frog is pretty impressive. Our drive car was the top of the range C3 Exclusive 1.6 auto that goes for $25,990.

What do you think about the C3?

We were totally not expecting the C3’s dynamics that initially suggest soft and mushy but point it at a set of curves and its quite a handy device displaying an absolute minimum of body roll no matter what speed you are travelling.

How quiet is a Mercedes Benz C3?

A three cylinder 1.2 litre version of the C3 selling for $19,990 can dip as low as 4.5. The test car’s donk passes EU5 emissions runs smoothly and relatively quietly when cruising or until it flicks down a cog or two. ON THE ROAD.