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What do harem pants mean?

What do harem pants mean?

Definition of harem pants : women’s loose trousers that fit closely at the ankle.

What does harem style mean?

Meaning of harem pants in English a style of pants, usually worn by women, that are loose around the upper part of the legs and between the legs, and tight at the ankles: She wore black harem pants and a glittery top.

What’s the difference between harem pants and parachute pants?

The main difference lies within the cut of the pants. Harem pants typically have a consistent width down the leg but are gathered at the ankle. Parachute pants, on the other hand, are wider at the thigh area and begin gathering below the knee, resulting in a tight fit around the ankle.

Can you wear harem pants to work?

For a lazy day, put on a simple tank and flats for a relaxed but sleek look. If you’re going to work, wear a neutral silk top, cardigan, and classic heels with your harem pants. Or, if you’re prepping for a night out on the town, wear your harem pants with high heels, a fitted tank, and a clutch.

What are barrel pants?

Less restricting than the skinny jean, a Barrel jean is basically a twist on the straight leg jean, with a high waist, and wider cut cropped legs that are tapered at the ankle. Jeans that are tapered at the ankle are flattering, especially when cropped.

What does carrot fit mean?

Carrot fit jeans are wider at the top, hips and thighs and tighter from the knee down, a shape that’s similar to a carrot or an inverted pyramid, hence its name. They feature a low rise, a looser crotch and slightly tailored ankles without being as tight as skinny jeans.

How to make your own harem pants?

Using your main fabric,cut out the front and back pieces of your harem pats.

  • From the contrast knit fabric,cut the waistband and leg cuffs.
  • Begin assembling your harem pants.
  • Sew the pieces along the outside legs and inside the curved leg with 3/8-inch seam allowance.
  • Turn the sewn piece inside out and press.
  • What goes well with harem pants?

    White Tank Top with Multi-Colored Harem Pants.

  • White Button-Up Blouse with Black Harem Pants.
  • 3.…
  • White Off-the-Shoulder Top with Black Harem Pants.
  • Gray Tank Top with Gray Harem Pants.
  • 6.…
  • White Graphic Tee with Gray Harem Pants.
  • What to wear under sheer harem pants?

    Let the pants be the main focus of the outfit.

  • Choose harem pants for a lazy day. For those days when you feel like staying in your pajamas,throw on a pair of comfy harem pants.
  • Mix up your work style. Harem pants can be a great alternative to the everyday office slacks that you may find yourself wearing too often.
  • Be extra cool for a hot date.
  • What kind of tops go with harem pants?

    Jogger Pants&High Heels. Wearing jogger pants and high heels can make you look less sporty and more elegant!

  • Sweater Weather. There’s nothing cozier than wearing your favorite sweater with jogger pants.
  • Animal Print.
  • Casual.
  • Street Style Chic.
  • Out and About.
  • Rocker Chic.
  • Sporty Elegance.
  • Joggers for Office.
  • Ready for Meetings.