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What do I look for in a saxophone mouthpiece?

What do I look for in a saxophone mouthpiece?

For sax mouthpieces the common rule is that softer materials produce a darker sound with less projection, while harder materials just the opposite (brighter and more projection). From plastics to metal though, you have a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to truly customize your sound.

What size reed is best for alto sax?

As a beginner saxophone player, a size 1.5 reed is the right reed to start with. This is a nice soft reed, and it’s the easiest reed for you to get a nice clear sound on your saxophone. You’ll probably find that you move onto the next size up pretty quickly, but a 1.5 is the best beginner reed.

Are Yamaha mouthpieces good?

Yamaha’s Standard Series mouthpieces are made out of high quality phenol resin (plastic) and feature a design based upon the top grade Custom series. They are extremely consistent in specifications and playing quality and offer excellent value for money.

When should I upgrade my saxophone mouthpiece?

An upgraded mouthpiece at around grade 4 will help the student progress as they start to discover their personal sound. Around the same time, it’s good to get feelers out for how much a full instrument upgrade might cost!

How long do saxophone reeds last?

around a week to two weeks
Reeds don’t last long This is why the reed is one of the most critical parts. Expect a reed to last for around a week to two weeks. When you change from a reed you’ve been using for some time to a new reed, the sound of your instrument will change with it.

Is Yamaha 4C a good mouthpiece?

A good mouthpiece such as the Yamaha 4C Alto Saxophone mouthpiece. For the price, these mouthpieces offer fantastic value for money. In fact, most new Yamaha alto saxophones comes with a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece in the case. This shows that Yamaha themselves are confident with their product.

What tip opening is a Yamaha 4C?

Standard Series

Model 4C
Alto Saxophone Tip Opening 1.60mm
Facing Length 23.0mm
Tenor Saxophone Tip Opening 1.70mm
Facing Length 24.0mm

Is Yamaha 5C a good mouthpiece?

Authentic Yamaha standard-series alto sax mouthpiece. The 5C size has a slightly larger tip opening for a richer tone with excellent flexibility and response. Made from safe and durable phenol resin plastic….Product information.

Item Weight 1.34 ounces
Instrument Key E-flat
Size 5C