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What is the air quality in Yangon?

What is the air quality in Yangon?

What is the current air quality in Yangon?

Air pollution level Air quality index Main pollutant
Moderate 57 US AQI PM2.5

Does Myanmar have pollution?

In 2017, air pollution is estimated to have attributed to more than 45,000 deaths in Myanmar. As a risk factor for death, air pollution is higher in Myanmar than in other countries in the region and is almost twice the average for Southeast Asia.

What causes air pollution Myanmar?

In Myanmar, in particular, in Yangon, the primary source of air pollution is traffic, diesel generators, construction, power plants, factories, burning of waste, and slash-and- burn agricultural practices. Air pollution peaks every year from January to April.

What kind of pollution is common in Myanmar?

Myanmar is facing a double burden of indoor and outdoor air pollution. As in many places, use of fuels for household cooking (kerosene, wood, crop waste), contribute to indoor air pollution. Such fuels cause high exposure to pollutants within the household, particularly for women, children, the elderly.

Why is Myanmar not sustainable?

Myanmar’s long isolation from international markets and sources of finance historically limited development, and thus, the pressure on its environment. Many of its resources remain relatively intact, despite an absence of effective environmental regulations.

Is deforestation a problem in Myanmar?

From 2001 to 2021, Myanmar lost 4.30Mha of tree cover, equivalent to a 10% decrease in tree cover since 2000, and 2.34Gt of CO₂e emissions. The methods behind this data have changed over time. Be cautious comparing old and new data, especially before/after 2015.

Where is the cleanest air in Asia?

The least polluted city in Asia was Kyoto’s Minami Ward, while Calamba in the Philippines’ Laguna province was named as the least polluted Asian city outside of Japan. Hotan in Xinjiang, China, became Asia’s and the world’s most polluted city in 2020.

What country produces the most pollution 2021?

Bangladesh had an average PM2. 5 concentration of 76.9 micrograms per cubic meter of air (µg/m3) in 2021, making it the most polluted country in the world.

What is the biggest air pollution?

Most Common Air Pollutants

  • Carbon Monoxide.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (EPA)
  • Ozone (EPA)
  • Particulate Matter.
  • Lead (EPA)
  • Sulfur Dioxide.
  • Six Common Pollutants (EPA)

Why is Myanmar affected by climate change?

In Myanmar, storms, floods and waterlogging are identified as key drivers of poverty, and poverty is highest in rural areas. These factors, combined with Myanmar’s high exposure to hazards such as floods and tropical cyclones make it one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change in the world.

What is the climate like in Myanmar?

Myanmar has a tropical to sub-tropical monsoon climate with three seasons: i) hot, dry inter-monsoonal (mid-February to mid-May); ii) rainy southwest monsoon (mid-May to late October); and iii) cool relatively dry northeast monsoon (late October to mid-February).

Why is Myanmar poor?

BANGKOK/YANGON — Nearly half of the population in Myanmar will be living in poverty by early next year, roughly double the number from five years ago, due to the economic slump brought on by the pandemic and political turmoil triggered by the military’s seizure of power, the United Nations Development Program said …

Why do Burmese cut down trees?

This has seen the people from Myanmar have a different perception of the environment, sustainability and its use. They generally hold the view that everything that grows in the environment belongs to anyone who can make use of it. For example, they may cut down trees at random as they need them.

Which country is dust free?

Located in northern Europe, Finland is a neighbour to Sweden and Norway. Despite similar geographical conditions, the country has much more cleaner air than its neighbouring countries. The dense forest cover helps the country to effectively tackle bad air quality.

What country has the worst air pollution?

  1. Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the most polluted country in the world, with an average PM2.5 concentration of 77.10, which is nonetheless a decrease from 83.30 in 2019 and 97.10 in 2018.
  2. Pakistan.
  3. India.
  4. Mongolia.
  5. Afghanistan.