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How many towns are there in Kolhapur district?

How many towns are there in Kolhapur district?


Sr. No. Taluka Name Number of villages
10 Ajara 97
11 Gadhinglaj 92
12 Chandgad 155
District Total 1212

In which taluka is Kolhapur city?

The city of Kolhapur is its district headquarter….

Kolhapur district
Division Pune
Headquarters Kolhapur
Tehsils 1. Gadhinglaj, 2. Karveer, 3. Bhudargad, 4. Panhala, 5. Kagal, 6. Shirol, 7. Hatkanangale, 8. Ajara, 9. Chandgad, 10. Gaganbawada, 11. Radhanagari, 12. Shahuwadi

What is the area of Kolhapur district?

2,970 mi²Kolhapur / Area

Which is biggest taluka in Kolhapur?

Shahuwadi is the largest tehsil in kolhapur district by area while Karvir is the largest tehsil by population. Bavda is the smallest tehsil in kolhapur district by both area and population. There are 12 tehsils in Kolhapur district.

How many talukas are in Kolhapur district?

12 talukas
The district is sub divided into four sub divisions i.e. Karveer, Ichalkaranj, Gandhinglaj, Radhanagri which are further divided into 12 talukas viz Karveer, Panhala, Shanuwadi, Kogal, Hatkanangle, Shirol, Gadhinglaj, Chandgad, Ajra, Bhudergad, Radhanagari, Gagan Bavda. The district has 18 towns and 1217 villages.

How many blocks are there in Kolhapur district?

Kolhapur is district in Maharashtra state of India. There are total 12 blocks in Kolhapur.

Is Kolhapur urban or rural?

Also the Sex Ratio of Urban areas in Kolhapur district is 947 while that of Rural areas is 962. The population of Children of age 0-6 years in Kolhapur district is 408942 which is 11% of the total population….Demography.

Rural Urban
Average literacy 78.35% 88.28%
Male literacy 86.75% 92.42%
Female literacy 69.73% 83.95%

What is the famous of Kolhapur district?

The top sightseeing places in Kolhapur are Shri Chatrapati Shahu Museum (New Palace), Shopping in Kolhapur, Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir, Panhala Fort, Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur, Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Is Kolhapur a metro city?

The metro area population of Kolhapur in 2020 was 619,000, a 0.98% increase from 2019. The metro area population of Kolhapur in 2019 was 613,000, a 0.99% increase from 2018.

How many blocks are there in Kolhapur?

There are total 12 blocks in Kolhapur. You can also see the tehsil list of Kolhapur.

How many MLA are there in Kolhapur district?

Public Representative

Sr. No. Name Constituency
7. Shri Rajesh Narsingrao Patil 271 – Chandgad Assembly Constituency
8. Shri Prakash Ananadrao Abitkar 272 – Radhanagari Assembly Constituency
9. Shri Rituraj Sanjay Patil 274 – Kolhapur South Assembly Constituency
10. Shri Pandurang Nivrutti Patil 275 – Karveer Assembly Constituency

How many dams are there in Kolhapur district?

All 13 dams in Kolhapur district are safe: Irrigation department.

Is Kolhapur a good city?

This is one of the few places which has the right blend of Culture, history, nature, ancient temples, museums, food and shopping. One need not indulge in going through a tour operator for visiting Kolhapur.

Which fort is there in Kolhapur?

Panhala fort (also known as Panhalgad and Panhalla (literally “the home of serpents”)), is located in Panhala, 20 kilometres northwest of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India.

How many hours travel from Mumbai to Kolhapur?

Distance Between Mumbai to Kolhapur

Distance between Mumbai to Kolhapur by Road is 375 Kms
Distance between Mumbai to Kolhapur by Flight is 301 Kms
Travel Time from Mumbai to Kolhapur by Road is 4:39 hrs
Nearest Airport in Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (19.08, 72.88)

Is Pune bigger than Kolhapur?

Mumbai and Pune are home to numerous large corporations and the headquarters of many multinational corporations. The state has a land size of 307,731 square kilometers and a population of 114 million people….List of Largest Cities in Maharashtra.

City Name Kolhapur
Population 561,837
Area (km²) 67
Density ( inhabitants/km²) 8,356
District Kolhapur

How big is Kolhapur?

25.8 mi²Kolhapur / Area