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How do I get a motorsport licence in Ireland?

How do I get a motorsport licence in Ireland?

This can all be done simply through the Motorsport Ireland Online Membership Portal. To complete an application, simply log in or create a new MI-Member account, review your personal information and licence details, before proceeding to the Competition Licence Application form located within the member profile area.

How do I get involved in motorsport?

10 More Ways to Get Involved With Cars

  1. Rallycross. Picture autocross on dirt, gravel, ice, grass or some other loose surface and you have rallycross.
  2. Drag Racing. This one has been a staple for generations, and nearly any car can participate.
  3. Car Clubs.
  4. Drifting.
  5. $2015 Callenge.
  6. Oval Track Racing.
  7. Smash-Up Stuff.
  8. Kart Racing.

What is considered a motor sport?

Motorsport, motorsports or motor sport is a global term used to encompass the group of competitive sporting events which primarily involve the use of motorized vehicles.

How do I get into motorsport UK?

For a lot of grassroots motorsport, all you need is to be a member of a local motor club, which you can join on the day. However for Racing, Rallying, some Karting and a few other disciplines you need a Motorsport UK Competition Licence. You also need a licence for any national level events or championships.

What is the easiest motorsport to get into?

1. Autocross. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get started in motorsports. You can take your own street car racing.

How do you get ARDS licence?

Apply to Motorsport UK for your ‘Go Racing’ starter pack, which will include: Licence application form….The ARDS test consists of the following:

  1. Classroom briefing.
  2. Driving test. The instructor will demonstrate the lines and technique to you before you drive for a minimum of 5 laps.
  3. Two multiple-choice exam papers.

What is the highest level of motorsport?

Open-wheel racing, also known as formula racing, is widely considered the pinnacle of four-wheeled motorsport.

Are motorsports real sports?

Yes, racing is a sport. defines a sport as “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting finishing, etc.” So the debate should be over right there.

What is the cheapest form of motorsport?

Go-karting is known far and wide as the world’s most affordable motorsport. While this may be the case, the price of competitive racing varies greatly depending on your category. To start off in go-karting though you should be able to buy a go-kart, safety gear and pay the additional participation fees for under $5K.

How do I get a rally licence?

A Licence Application Form. An IRDS (Insurance) Application Form….3. Complete the Course:

  1. 8.30am Sign-on and Registration.
  2. An introduction to the course.
  3. Safety Clothing & Equipment.
  4. Safety Signs and Signals.
  5. Driving Theory.
  6. Practical Driving Instruction.
  7. Driving Assessment.

How long is ARDS licence?

1 year between taking your ARDS and applying for a license, over that and your ARDS has to be re-taken! In other words, pay for a license and keep it up-to-date even if you aren’t using it.

What is an ARDS licence?

Association of Racing Driver Schools ARDS represents all Racing Schools in the UK and is recognised by the Motorsport UK, which delegates the responsibility for regulating member Racing Schools and for licensing circuit instructors to ARDS.

What is the lowest level of formula racing?

F1, F2, and F3 are all types of Formula motorsport racing leagues. F3 is the high-end of junior racing, F2 is a little more intense, and the drivers are on their way out of amateur status, and F1 is the highest league with the most intensity, the highest speeds, the best drivers, and the biggest budgets.

What is the most competitive motorsport?

Formula One
Formula One is an international racing series consisting of 22 cars competing in 19 races around the world. The series, considered by many to be the pinnacle of motor racing, is also the most popular with an average of roughly 24 million fans tuning in every race.

Is car racing easy?

You’re having very high speeds, drivers exposed to G loads that are higher than what NASA astronauts are exposed, in hot humid environments, and they do it every weekend.” Behind the wheel of a race car it’s stressful and it’s difficult. Sure, drivers need skill and stamina. And their heart rates soar.