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How do you open the secret door in Black Gulch?

How do you open the secret door in Black Gulch?

Dropped by the two Elite Giants in Black Gulch. From the first bonfire walk downwards, until the first worm attacks you from the wall. At this point walk off the cliff on the right side. You will land on a ledge with a door, which you will be able to open as soon as you have the Forgotten Key.

Where is the bonfire in Black Gulch?

Bonfires. Black Gulch Mouth: After arriving to the Black Gulch, in the left wall is a small cave with the bonfire inside it.

Where is Lucatiel in the Black Gulch?

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: After entering Earthen Peak, go down towards the poison-filled water and follow the passage to the right. In the room adjacent to this passage you will find her. Black Gulch.

How do I access ds2 DLC?

The player must go to the primal bonfire chamber in the Black Gulch and examine an obelisk to be teleported to the entrance of the DLC, a chamber with a locked door that opens with the Dragon Talon, which is received when you purchase the game.

How do I get past Black Gulch?

The Black Gulch guide Make sure you smash up any of the poisonous statues you see as you head down the path, so they can’t fire their venom at you. Keep in mind that they’ll even try to spit at you while you’re killing them, so make use of any Common Fruit you have on hand to slow the poison down.

Where is the Black Gulch in Dark Souls 2?

The Black Gulch is a location in Dark Souls II . The Black Gulch is a dark and decrepit cavern located far below Majula. It is a favorable habitat for pit-dwelling monstrosities. The only light in the area is provided by luminescent particles on the poison spitting statues strewn about the area.

Who is the dark spirit in Dark Souls 2?

Woodland Child Victor ( dark spirit) – Invades after the player passes the Razorback Nightcrawlers. Can invade alongside Woodland Child Gully. Armed with Orma’s Greatshield and a Giant Stone Axe.

Where do you find the bonfire in the hidden chamber?

Hidden Chamber: Once past the two Razorback Nightcrawlers, stay close to the far right of the next area and, eventually, you should discover a narrow pathway leading around the side of the cavern. This bonfire is located in a small room at the end of the narrow path.

What does the forgotten key open?

Use. The Forgotten Key is used to open three (3) Forgotten Doors: Majula’s Deep Pit – leads to Great Lightning Spear, Soul Vortex, Witchtree Bellvine, and Witchtree Branch. In Scholar of the First Sin, the Dragon Talon is also found here.

Where do I use the antiquated key?

From the Tower Apart bonfire, go to the building on the left. Move to the lower floor and go outside and look for a metal chest. This chest contains the key. This key can be used to open up a shortcut bypassing the Ruin Sentinels boss fight.

Where do I use the forgotten key in Dark Souls 2?


  1. Open an arched door in Black Gulch to access Darkdiver Grandahl.
  2. Open a door in The Gutter to obtain Havel’s equipment.
  3. Open a door in the pit within Majula for 3 chests, containing(from left to right); Soul Vortex, Witchtree Branch and Witchtree Bellvine, Great Lightning Spear.

How do you open the door in Dragon Sanctum?

Once you’ve enter Dragon’s Sanctum, you’ll find a locked door on your left, and a corridor in front of you. The door can only be accessed via a key you pick up later, so for now go down the corridor to find a switch on the left side, hit it and pick up a Soul of a Great Hero and 3x Dragon Charm, from the body.