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How to fill the Gas Can silent Hill Homecoming?

How to fill the Gas Can silent Hill Homecoming?

Finding Fuel Take the Steel Pipe on a counter. (On a cleared game, also take the Circular Saw on the table with the vise.) Use the Steel Pipe to pry open the locked cabinet, and take the Empty Gas Can.

Where is the Gas in silent Hill Homecoming?

It is found empty in the Shepherd House’s garage, in a locked box, which the player must pry open with the steel pipe. Alex can then siphon the fuel out of an abandoned truck past the playground, to power up the sump pump to drain the flooded basement.

How do you get the good ending in Silent Hill Homecoming?

Silent Hill: Homecoming Hints “Good” Ending – Forgive your father and kill your mother out of mercy. “Hospital” Ending – Forgive your father and don’t kill your mother. “UFO” Ending – Similar to the Bogeyman ending. Don’t forgive your father, don’t kill your mother, BUT do save Wheeler.

Does the Konami code work on Silent Hill?

In Silent Hill: Homecoming the Konami code can be used without having to finish the game. The code must be entered in the game’s title menu, without having pressed start. In the PC version of the game the code is: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, ESC, ENTER.

How many endings does Silent Hill: Homecoming have?

five endings
The endings are only named in the official strategy guide. There are a total of five endings and a bonus scene.

What does the Konami code do in Silent Hill?

The code unlocks one of Alex Shepherd’s alternate costumes, accessible after selecting a new game. The costume is titled “Young Alex” and is the outfit that he is seen wearing in flashbacks.

Does Silent Hill: Homecoming take place in Silent Hill?

2 Silent Hill: Homecoming – 2007 Silent Hill: Homecoming explores the nefarious history behind Shepherd’s Glen, a small community not unlike Silent Hill itself.

What is the Konami code for fortnite?

While there was seemingly nothing to do, players figured out that inputting the famous Konami code into Fortnite, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X, Options (or the equivalent on PC/Xbox) would allow players to partake in a minigame.

How common are cheaters in video games?

So, when others around them aren’t playing by the rules, they start cheating to compensate for the unfair advantage other players have. 32% of the gamers surveyed admitted to cheating at least once, with 12% owning up to regular or constant use of cheats. That’s almost half of the players!