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Do road bikes need reflectors?

Do road bikes need reflectors?

The short answer: Yes. In all the states in America (and really, in many countries internationally), bikes must be equipped with both lights and reflectors in order to be legal to ride. New bikes already come with reflectors and you must buy lights and can choose to buy more reflectors if you wish.

Should I remove reflectors from road bike?

The first thing you must do once the bike arrives home is to remove all reflectors from the bike as well as the plastic ring which protects the top cog from the spokes in your rear wheel. If the bike is properly maintained and dialed-in, the ring is unnecessary, and it looks silly.

Do you keep the reflectors on your bike?

Federal law requires every new bicycle to come equipped with reflectors, but older bikes may not have them, and some owners remove the reflectors from their bikes. While it is legal to remove the reflectors from your bike and ride without them in daylight, it is illegal to ride a bike without reflectors in low light.

Where do I put my reflectors on my bike?

There are a number of ways to add reflective surfaces to your bike. Pedals are often equipped with amber reflectors. White front and red rear plastic reflectors are often mounted to the fork, handlebar, seat post, or rear rack.

What is a dork disc for?

The dork disc is, essentially, a spoke protector. It is a small, clear, plastic disc that sits between the rear spokes of the wheel and the gears.

Do new bikes come with reflectors?

By federal regulation, every new bike intended for use on the road comes equipped with reflectors. Once you’ve bought the bike, it’s perfectly legal for you to remove the reflectors, if that’s your thing.

Why do cyclists use flashing lights?

“The use of flashing lights when cycling at night can enable the rider to be seen, while also saving battery power,” says Alston. “However, riders are advised to consider using a fixed [front] beam in areas with no street lighting to enhance the visibility of the road/trail ahead.”

Is it illegal to have a flashing light on your bike?

The 2005 RVLR amendment means that it is now legal to have a flashing light on a pedal cycle, provided it flashes between 60 and 240 times per minute (1 – 4Hz). The amendment also allows a single flashing light so long as it meets the minimum brightness standards.

Should I keep my dork disc?

In conclusion, a dork disc is mostly a personal preference. The argument can certainly be made that it is not necessary, but then the argument can also be made that it is not actually necessary to remove the dork disc.

Can I have red and blue lights on my bicycle?

Clearly, blue lights and red lights visible forward of the vehicle are not legal, but there is seemingly no prohibition to the use of other color lights.