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How do I create a wireframe in Axure?

How do I create a wireframe in Axure?

How to Create Wireframe with Axure RP

  1. Step 1: Download the Axure Wireframe Tool. Download and install the program.
  2. Step 2: Create a New Project. Click on the new file to access the second screen to proceed further:
  3. Step 3: Start to Design Your Axure Wireframe. The design area is the real power of the program.

Can I use Axure for free?

Axure offers a free 30-day trial for evaluation. If you need more time, email [email protected] to request an extension.

How do I download an Axure file?

So to download the team project file, you’ll need to open Axure RP and go to “Team > Get and Open Team Project File” from the main menu. This will download a local RPPRJ copy of the team project onto your machine.

Is Axure hard to learn?

One of the main questions people ask is about how easy Axure is to learn. I think it’s pretty easy to use the Axure RP interface. The steeper learning curve comes in making the interactions do what you want, as is the case with most prototyping and animation programs.

Who owns Axure software?

About Axure In addition, over 1 million projects have been published to Axure Share, the company’s online collaboration platform. Founded in 2002 by Victor Hsu and Martin Smith, Axure Software Solutions holds more than a dozen patents for its pioneering product.

How do I export axure to HTML?

Publish Locally If you’d like to publish your prototype to a location other than Axure Cloud, you can do so by exporting a local copy of the prototype’s HTML output at Publish → Generate HTML Files. Modify the settings in the HTML Generator as needed, and then click Publish.

How do I use Axure RP extension in Chrome?

Axure RP Extension for Chrome

  1. Install the extension. Click to install Axure RP Extension for Chrome.
  2. Configure the extension. Go to Tools -> Extensions and check “Allow access to file URLs” for the Axure RP Extension.
  3. Launch the prototype. Click to launch the Prototype.

What is axure used for?

Axure is a UX design tool used for creating wireframes and interactive prototypes. Axure is especially useful for designers of desktop and mobile applications, and it is highly regarded among enterprise companies for the high level of functionality and visual detail that can be built into its prototypes.

Is axure better than Figma?

The Overall Design Tool Winner: Figma On the downside, Figma is an online application that might be prohibited from use in an enterprise for security reasons. Axure takes second place because of its strength out of the box with pre-built components, powerful interactive prototyping features, and document generation.

Is axure a Microsoft product?

Axure RP Pro / Team is a software for creating prototypes and specifications for websites and applications….Axure RP.

Developer(s) Axure Software Solutions
Stable release 9.0 / April 15, 2019
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 or later macOS 10.9 or later
License Proprietary

How do I open an RP file in Chrome?


  1. Install Extension from Chrome Store. Install Extension.
  2. Open the Extensions Options.
  3. Check “Allow access to file URLs”
  4. Click the button below. View in Chrome.

How do I open an RP file in Windows?

If you cannot open your RP file correctly, try to right-click or long-press the file. Then click “Open with” and choose an application. You can also display a RP file directly in the browser: Just drag the file onto this browser window and drop it.