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How many black widow Funko Pops are there?

How many black widow Funko Pops are there?

POP collection Black Widow has 10 figures 🎉.

What is the most rare Marvel Funko Pop?

This article has been updated with the latest estimates.

  • 6 Green Lantern (Glow In The Dark) – $2,710.
  • 5 Superman Bobble-Head (Metallic) – $2,750.
  • 4 Spider-Man (Metallic) – $3,400.
  • 3 Batman (Metallic) – $4,850.
  • 2 Freddy Funko As Deathstroke (Glow In The Dark) – $7,690.
  • 1 Stan Lee (Superhero – Platinum Metallic) – $20,000.

When did the Black Widow funko pops come out?

The Black Widow Funko Pop figures are set to release in April 2020, and pre-order for all of the common are online and can be found here.

What is the rarest spider-man Funko Pop?

The metallic The Amazing Spider-Man edition comes in at an estimated value of $310, but one of the most valuable of the pop web slingers is the metallic San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Marvel Universe Spider-Man which comes in at an estimated $910.

How many Marvel Funkos exist?

Over the last decade, Funko has mined Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to produce new versions of its iconic vinyl figure. All told, more than 600 Marvel-themed Funko Pop figures have been released since 2011, and plenty more are on the way, including Pops based on the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game.

What was the first ever Marvel Funko Pop?


Number Pop! Release Year
#01 Thor 2010
#02 Loki 2010
#03 Spider-Man 2011
#04 Iron Man 2011

Is it better to leave Funko Pops in the box?

Funko Pop! figures can appreciate in value, but unless you’re a savvy seller and trader, we wouldn’t advocate keeping figures boxed for that reason. On the other hand, there are a lot of advantages to keeping the box, so don’t throw it away, either! Just do whatever feels right to you, and we’re sure you’ll be happy.