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What did Andorians evolve from?

What did Andorians evolve from?

Enterprise. In the first draft script of “The Andorian Incident” (which had the working title “Incident at P’Jem”), Andorians were said to be evolved from “subterranean creatures.” As a result, their antennae could sense odors and vibrations, helping the Andorians navigate in low light conditions.

Are Andorians extinct?

A recurring plot point in the post-TV series novels is that the rarity of compatible Andorian foursomes produced extremely low reproduction rates which, in tandem with genetic weaknesses, led to the species’ near extinction.

Were there any Andorians in TNG?

Andorians appear in a few more episodes of TOS and also in one of TNG (original footage). Even when they do appear, it is often just in the background of a scene. Andorians are also mentioned in quite a few series, as opposed to Tellarites.

Are Andorians blind?

The Aenar are blind and have telepathic abilities which Andorians lack.

What language do Andorians speak?

According to the non-canon DS9 Star Trek: Section 31 novel Abyss, the novel This Gray Spirit and the Paradigm novella in Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the primary spoken language of the Andorians was called “Andorii.” An Andorian language glossary is available at the back of the latter novel.

Why are there no Andorians in TNG?

Rick Berman didn’t want them in the 24th century show, because he thought they looked goofy. Trek lore has it, that originally, Captain Rixx (from TNG’s Conspiracy) was going to be Andorian, but in the last moment they abandoned the antennae and thus the Bolians were born.

What happened to Andorians?

Later in the novels, it was decided Andoria was suffering a virus that was making reproduction difficult and slowly killing the Andorian people.

Is Andorrans a Catalan?

Andorra’s official language is Catalan (Spanish and French are also spoken); its institutions are based in Catalonian law, and a large proportion of the Spanish immigrants (or their descendants) in Andorra are Catalan. Most Andorrans are Roman Catholic; Andorra is part of the diocese of Urgel.

Do the andorians join the Federation?

That ultimately led the Andorians to join the Vulcans and the humans as founding members of the Federation.

Why are there no Andorians?

What is a Class L planet?

Class L planets range in age from 4 to 10 billion years. Their diameters range in size from 10,000 to 15,000 km. They are located in the ecozone region of a star’s solar system, and have rocky, barren surfaces with little water. Their atmospheres are oxygen/argon with a high concentration of carbon dioxide.

How do andorian names work?

Andorian names reflect gender through prefixes. The Andorians have 4 genders, 2 of which are mostly female (zhen and shen) and 2 of which are mostly male (chan and thaan). This results in the prefixes zh’, sh’, ch’ and th’. The prefix comes after the first name and before the clan name.

Is Andorra Basque?

The Andorran toponymy shows evidence of Basque language in the area. Another theory suggests that the word Andorra may derive from the old word Anorra that contains the Basque word ur (water). Another theory suggests that Andorra may derive from Arabic: الدارة, romanized: al-darra, meaning “the thickly wooded place”.

Who are the Andorians?

The Andorians were a blue-skinned species from Andoria, and one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. One of their most recognized physical features were their antennae and white hair. ( Star Trek: The Original Series )

What class planet is Andor?

According to Star Trek: Star Charts, Andor was the capital city of Andoria, which was a class M planet. According to Star Trek: Star Charts (pp. 36 & 52; “United Federation of Planets I”), Andor was the eighth planet in the Andoria ( Procyon, or Alpha Canis Minoris) system. Its moon Andoria was depicted as an Earth-like planet.

Is there a planet called Andoria?

A planet called Andoria Prime was mentioned in Star Trek Into Darkness. During the Dominion War, Andoria’s strategic importance was on par with worlds like Earth, Berengaria VII, and Vulcan.

What do Andorians look like in real life?

Planet: Andoria. Humanoid Federation members are blue-skinned in appearance, with bilateral antennae that reflect their emotional state, and characteristically white hair. Andorians are self-described as a violent and warlike species, although they do have great affinity for family.