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What is overburden load?

What is overburden load?

Overburden pressure is the pressure on the rock from the weight of the rock and earth above the formation. When the overburden pressure exceeds the fluid pressure in the pore space, the formation is compacted. The porosity, permeability, and compressibility are reduced.

What overburden means?

to load with too great a burden; overload: He was overburdened with cares. noun. an excessive burden. Also called burden, capping. Mining.

What is overburden in soils?

Overburden is the rock or soil layer that needs to be removed in order to access the ore being mined. Overburden is also referred to as spoil or waste. Overburdens are removed from surface mining and do not contain toxic components, unlike tailings, which is another type of underground mining waste.

What is overburden in civil engineering?

Overburden pressure is a geology term that denotes the pressure caused by the weight of the overlying layers of material at a specific depth under the earth’s surface. Overburden pressure is also called lithostatic pressure, or vertical stress.

What is overburden height?

The height of the rock layer from the roof of the coal seam is the height of the overburden damage.

How is overburden pressure measured?

The overburden pressure at a depth z (for a continuously stratified fluid) which is a function of parameters z, P0 and g is given by(1) P ( z ) = P 0 + g ∫ 0 z ρ ( z ) dz ρ(z) is the density of the overlying rock at depth z and g is the acceleration due to gravity.

What’s another word for overburden?

What is another word for overburden?

burden encumber
overload load
oppress overtax
overwhelm overfill
tax overcharge

How is overburden created?

Overburden is a natural consequence of almost all mining procedures. However, it is created in the greatest quantity by strip and surface mining operations. This is why overburden is primarily a concern and potentially useful by-product for this subset of the mining industry.

Why is overburden important?

In a petroleum system, the overburden rock overlies the source rock and contributes to its thermal maturation because of higher temperatures at greater depths. The age and thickness of the overburden rock determines the burial rate and thereby influences the heating rate.

How do you calculate overburden?

Multiply the density log reading value by the total depth (in meters) of the measured area. Multiply the sum of Step 1 by . 01 to obtain the overburden pressure.

What is effective overburden pressure?

Effective overburden stress: the effective stress on the soil skeleton, which is calculated by subtracting the pore pressure from the overburden stress. Over-consolidation ratio: the ratio of past maximum effective overburden stress to present effective overburden stress.

What is overburden pressure formula?

How do you use overburden in a sentence?

Verb She overburdened me with work. Why overburden yourself when people are offering to help?

What type of word is overburdened?

OVERBURDEN (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is overburden dump?

During opencast mining, the overlying soil is removed and the fragmented rock is heaped in the form of overburden dumps (Ghosh, 2002). These dump materials are left over the land, occupy a large amount of land, which loses its original use and generally gets soil qualities degraded (Barapanda et al., 2001).

How do you calculate overburden stress in soil?

The overburden stress (σv [psi]) due to each sub-division is dependent on its thickness (h [ft]) and is given by σv = 0.8858 * h above the MMU; σv = 0.9705 * h + 0.00002 * h2 from MMU to Top Chalk; σv = 1.1254 * h within the Chalk and σv = 1.1155 * h for deeper sediments.

Where does overburden go during mining?

Overburden is used for reprocessing, contouring land, and as a construction aggregate for buildings and roads. Mine tailings are reused for producing clay, tiles, glass, and concrete. Mine water is treated and then used for dust and particulate suppression, agricultural/industrial use, and as a coolant.

How do you use overburden?

Examples of overburden in a Sentence Verb She overburdened me with work. Why overburden yourself when people are offering to help?

What is another word for overburdened?

What is another word for overburdened?

overworked exhausted
overloaded strained
stressed stress-ridden
stressed out under stress
tense worn out