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What is the best support for arthritis in the thumb?

What is the best support for arthritis in the thumb?

A quick look at the best thumb braces for arthritis

  • Best overall thumb brace: Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer.
  • Best spica brace: Armstrong Amerika Thumb Spica Splint.
  • Best push brace: Push MetaGrip CMC Thumb Brace.
  • Best lace-up brace: Futuro Thumb Brace.
  • Best waterproof brace: Basko Healthcare CMCcare Thumb Brace.

What’s the best thumb support?

Below, we list seven of the best thumb braces available on the market:

  • Bracoo Thumb Stabilizer.
  • BraceAbility Thumb Splint.
  • BraceUP Thumb Brace.
  • Vive Gel Thumb Support.
  • FLA Orthopedics 3D Adjustable Thumb Brace.
  • Copper Compression Long Thumb Brace.
  • U.S. Solid Thumb Splint.

How can I strengthen my arthritic thumb?

Thumb IP flexion

  1. Place your forearm and hand on a table with your affected thumb pointing up.
  2. With your other hand, hold your thumb steady just below the joint nearest your thumbnail.
  3. Bend the tip of your thumb downward, then straighten it.
  4. Repeat 8 to 12 times.

Should I wear my thumb splint at night?

Doing so helps rest the thumb joint and lessens pain. Some people only need to wear a splint at night. But, depending on your situation, your health care provider may recommend prolonged use of a splint, especially when you do activities that cause thumb pain.

Does thumb arthritis go away?

Outlook. While there is no cure for arthritis in your thumb, there are various simple treatments that can help relieve symptoms for many people. Talk with a doctor or physical therapist about which treatments might work best for you. A CRP test may be used to diagnose inflammatory autoimmune diseases.

Can an arthritic thumb Be Fixed?

In use for more than 40 years, LRTI is the most commonly performed surgery for thumb arthritis. The damaged joint surfaces are removed and replaced with a cushion of tissue that keeps the bones separated. To accomplish this, surgeons remove all or part of the trapezium bone in the wrist at the base of the thumb.

Should you exercise arthritic thumb?

Gently exercising your fingers and thumbs with a hand workout can improve their range of motion and decrease arthritis symptoms. It’s one of the best ways to maintain function and independence.