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When should I see a doctor for sore throat and cough?

When should I see a doctor for sore throat and cough?

In most cases, your sore throat will improve with at-home treatment. However, it’s time to see your doctor if a severe sore throat and a fever over 101 degrees lasts longer than one to two days; you have difficulty sleeping because your throat is blocked by swollen tonsils or adenoids; or a red rash appears.

When should I worry about a cough?

Call your doctor if your cough (or your child’s cough) doesn’t go away after a few weeks or if it also involves any one of these: Coughing up thick, greenish-yellow phlegm. Wheezing. Experiencing a fever.

Can strep cause a cough?

They may also start to cry during feedings. Other symptoms include sore throat, fever, headache, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. Cough, hoarseness, red eyes, and runny nose are not seen with Strep throat.

Why does coughing cause a sore throat?

Cough and sore throat are usually signs of a common cold, caused by a virus or bacterial infection. A cough and sore throat caused by a virus usually heals on its own, either naturally or with the help of some natural home remedies. But if yours persists, worry not because I will show you the causes of strep throat, and the ways to get rid of them.

Why does my throat hurt when I cough?

Why does it hurt my throat when I cough? The most common causes of sore throats are viruses. Viral sore throats are often accompanied by other cold symptoms that may include a runny nose, cough, red or watery eyes, and sneezing. Other causes of sore throat include smoking, pollution or irritants in the air, allergies, and dry air.

Does coughing make a sore throat worse?

The coughing, in turn, worsens GERD — a vicious cycle. Infections. A cough can linger long after other symptoms of pneumonia, flu, a cold or other infection of the upper respiratory tract have gone away. A common but under-recognized cause of a chronic cough in adults is pertussis, also known as whooping cough.

When to worry about a sore throat?

– Sore throat with no cough. – High temperature. – Swollen tender glands on the front of your neck. – White pus on the back of your throat when you shine a torch into your mouth .