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Where does Pristina airport fly to?

Where does Pristina airport fly to?

Airlines and destinations

Airlines Destinations
Pegasus Airlines Istanbul–Sabiha Gökçen
Swiss International Air Lines Geneva
Trade Air Basel/Mulhouse, Düsseldorf, Malmö, Munich, Stuttgart Seasonal: Bremen, Dortmund, Paderborn/Lippstadt, Saarbrücken (begins 2 July)
TUIfly Belgium Brussels

What airlines fly out of Pristina?

Airlines flying from Pristina

  • Eurowings (EW)10 destinations.
  • Wizz Air (W6)7 destinations.
  • Turkish Airlines (TK)4 destinations.
  • easyJet (U2)4 destinations.
  • Norwegian (D8)3 destinations.
  • TUI Fly (TB)2 destinations.
  • Edelweiss Air (WK)1 destination.
  • LOT (LO)1 destination.

What is the main international airport in Kosovo?

Priština International Airport
The biggest airports in the Kosovo

IATA Name Airlines
PRN Priština International Airport 12

What country is Pristina in?

Pristina, Albanian Prishtinë, Serbian Priština, city, capital and administrative centre of Kosovo.

How many airports are in Kosovo?

There is 1 airport in Kosovo.

How do I get to Kosovo?

You can enter Kosovo through the northern border with Serbia through Mitrovica or near Pristina. There are bus connections from Belgrade and Nis to Pristina and Prizren and from all the major towns in Serbia to the northern parts. The most used transport route is through North Macedonia and Pristina Airport.

Is Kosovo in Europe or Asia?

Kosovo, self-declared independent country in the Balkans region of Europe. Although the United States and most members of the European Union (EU) recognized Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008, Serbia, Russia, and a significant number of other countries—including several EU members—did not.

What is the capital of Kosovo?

PristinaKosovo / Capital

Do I need visa for Kosovo?

You do not need a visa to enter or travel through Kosovo as a visitor. A 90-day entry stamp will be issued which is renewable for longer stays.

Why is Kosovo so poor?

Kosovo is the second-poorest country in Europe. Due to a high level of corruption and little contract enforcement, poverty is a huge problem in Kosovo.

Where is Pristina International Airport?

Arrivals Information Pristina International Airport is a Kosovo Airport located in Pristina. You can directly contact the airport for flight arrival information via phone at 3810385958159.

Where is Prishtina Airport Adem Jashari?

/  42.57278°N 21.03583°E  / 42.57278; 21.03583 Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari ( Albanian: Aeroporti Ndërkombëtar i Prishtinës Adem Jashari, IATA: PRN, ICAO: BKPR ), also referred to as Prishtina International Airport ( Albanian: Aeroporti Ndërkombëtar i Prishtinës ), is an international airport in Prishtina, Kosovo.

Why choose Prishtina International Airport?

Prishtina International Airport serves as an operating base for Adria Airways from Slovenia and Eurowings from Germany.

What is the main airport in Kosovo?

Sources: Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Kosovo. Kosovo AIP at EUROCONTROL. Pristina International Airport “Adem Jashari” ( Albanian: Aeroporti Ndërkombëtar i Prishtinës “Adem Jashari”; ( IATA: PRN, ICAO: BKPR) is an international airport located 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south-west of Pristina, Kosovo.