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Who is KINCROME owned by?

Who is KINCROME owned by?

the Burgoine family
Corporate Profile. KINCROME was founded by the Burgoine family in 1987 and remains a family-owned Australian company today.

Are KINCROME tools made in Australia?

‘KINCROME Professional Quality Tools®’ products are sourced from throughout the world including designed in Australia by Kincrome. All products are manufactured to ‘KINCROME’s’ highest specifications and quality standards. Countries of manufacture are found throughout the Asia-Pacific and European regions.

How do you open a KINCROME?

To open, lift up on the drawer front while pulling it towards you. To close, shut the drawer firmly until the latch engages.

When was Sidchrome invented?

The brand Sidchrome was founded in 1931 and the original production of Sidchrome tools in your country was in the area of Brunswick, in the city of Melbourne. Sidchrome until 1996, was manufactured in your country, but since being acquired by The Stanley Works production is now undertaken in Taiwan.

How do you get into a locked tool box?

If your toolbox is secured with a device that resembles a file cabinet lock, you may be able to use the following method:

  1. Find a thin metal tool that will fit into the toolbox’s keyway.
  2. Insert the tool until it reaches the back of the lock.
  3. Jiggle the tool up and down as you turn it like a key.

What happened to Sidchrome?

Sidchrome closed the plant and ended all local manufacturing in 1996 and started to move all tool manufacturing to Taiwan, whilst sourcing various items from Proto in the USA (marked as Proto on items) due to supply of left-over Australian-made tools being sold out until all manufacturing was fully established in …

How do you unlock a tool box without a key?

Are Kincrome spanners any good?

About 15 years ago, Kincrome tools were ok, but nothing exceptional. However, today that is a complete different story. Now, their product range has completely improved and they are producing some very good tools.