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Is AP or shaco ad better?

Is AP or shaco ad better?

AP Shaco excels in finishing kills off but AD is much better at making kills happen on his own, along with providing his team with insane pressure around the map because of his dueling ability. In summary, AP Shaco is extremely bursty and fast with a much easier build path compared to AD.

Who hard counters Shaco?

5 Champions Who Counter Shaco

  • Shaco is one of the sneakiest Junglers in the game.
  • Karthus can reduce Shaco’s early game pressure.
  • Shaco can reduce Shaco’s surprise element when she is burrowed.
  • Ivern can beat Shaco in 1v1s thanks to his shield.
  • Kayn is mobile, just like Shaco.

Who synergizes Shaco?


  • Bel’Veth.
  • Nilah.
  • Renata Glasc.
  • Vex.
  • Zeri.

How hard is AP Shaco?

This playstyle is rather hard and requires a lot of confidence and experience! AP Shaco is all about outplaying the enemy through boxes and good Clone micro, meaning you have to be able to control your Clone properly to make this playstyle work! Two-Shiv Poison.

How do you counter invisible Shaco?

Since Invisibility is temporary or movement based, the best way to counter it is decent vision around the area you’re fighting in. A Kha’Zix or Shaco can surprise you by going invisible in the mid lane brush and then jumping on you.

What support counters Shaco?

Shaco Matchups Table

Rank Champion XPD@15
1 Ashe 211.5xp
2 Xerath 156.3xp
3 Zilean 632.8xp
4 Sona 117.6xp

Is shaco early or late?

If played well, Shaco’s early game makes him one of the best early game junglers in League of Legends. In order to maximize your clear speed, you’ll to need focus on perfecting your Q (Deceive) and W (Jack In The Box). Essentially, Shaco is capable of clearing multiple camps at the same time.

Is shaco good in late game?

Shaco is a great early game snowball champion with great late game tower taking skills, baron and dragon control. He can handle almost anyone 1 vs 1 and because of this require a ton of mechanic knowledge and thinking ahead of the enemy.