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What is the age of Sania Saeed?

What is the age of Sania Saeed?

49 years (August 28, 1972)Sania Saeed / Age

Who is Sanam Saeed husband?

Farhan HasanSanam Saeed / Husband (m. 2015–2018)

Is Sania Saeed sister of Humayun Saeed?

Sana Shahnawaz is sister of Samina Humayun wife of Humayun Saeed and a Pakistani television producer, whose debut production was the TV serial Mann Mayal which aired on HUM TV a few months back. She has just recently named her production house Next Level Entertainment, which is in collaboration with Samina Humayun.

Are Sanam and Mohib married?

That Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza have either married each other or are openly dating is a news that has been making rounds for quite a while now, especially after Mohib Mirza’s divorce with celebrity wife Aamina Sheikh, the news of which came as a shock to the couple’s fans who had been admiring the two as the best …

Is Sanam Saeed dating?

Is Sanam Saeed still married?

Saeed was last seen playing the main protagonist in Deedan opposite Mohib Mirza. She married her childhood friend, Farhan Hassan, who is a banker from Karachi, on 2 January 2015. However, in 2018, she stated that her husband and she are divorced.

Why is Sania Saeed so famous?

Over the years she has made a well-reputed name for herself and has earned the love and positive feedback from her audience. Sania Saeed has performed in a number of dramas and telefilms, and in each drama serial and telefilm, she has played all her roles in perfection.

Is Sania Saeed the Best Actor in Pakistani drama series?

It did not matter what genre the drama serial or the telefilm belonged to, Sania Saeed executed all of her roles with the best of her abilities and perfection. Sania Saeed has worked with some of the best actors in the Pakistani entertainment industry and that combined with her talent and experience gave new dynamics to the drama serials.

How many Pakistani dramas does Geo TV broadcast in 2018?

In 2018, Geo Tv broadcast a total of 16 dramas, the details of which are given below. Take a look! The Following is a List of all 2019 Pakistani dramas broadcast by Geo TV.

Who is the father of Sania Saeed?

Sania Saeed Family: Father Name: Mansoor Saeed. Mother Name: Abida Saeed. Husband Name: Shahid Shafat.