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Who is Hey Joe written about?

Who is Hey Joe written about?

“Hey Joe” was written by a singer named Billy Roberts, who was part of the Greenwich Village folk scene in the early ’60s. The song is structured as a conversation between two men, with “Joe” explaining to the other that he caught his woman cheating and plans to kill her.

Who did the original version of Hey Joe?

The Leaves
It was a gig staple for both Love and The Byrds, with the latter’s David Crosby a major fan of its abrasive charms. The Surfaris, of surf-rock classic “Wipe Out” fame, also played it but the first recorded version was by minor Californian rockers The Leaves, who had a top 40 US hit with it in 1965.

Did Billy Roberts wrote Hey Joe?

Billy RobertsHey Joe / ComposerWilliam Moses Roberts Jr. was an American songwriter and musician credited with composing the 1960s rock music standard “Hey Joe”. Wikipedia

Who did backing vocals on Hey Joe?

the Breakaways
Nevertheless, “Hey Joe” as recorded by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, with backing vocals by the Breakaways, remains the best-known version of the song and was listed as No. 201 on Rolling Stone magazine’s The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time in 2010.

What is the message of The Wind Cries Mary?

Songfacts®: Jimi wrote this in 1967 for Are You Experienced?; it was inspired by his girlfriend at the time, Kathy Mary Etchingham. He’d gotten into an argument with her about her cooking. She got very angry and started throwing pots and pans and finally stormed out to stay at a friend’s home for a day or so.

How many Hey Joe versions are there?


Title Performer Release date
Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) The Byrds July 18, 1966
Hey Joe The Shadows of Knight October 1966
Hey Joe The Music Machine November 1966
Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) The Cryan’ Shames November 1966

Who wrote The Wind Cries Mary?

Jimi HendrixThe Wind Cries Mary / Lyricist

Who played drums on Hey Joe?

Mitch Mitchell
Born 9 July 1946 Ealing, England
Died 12 November 2008 (aged 62) Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Genres Rock jazz fusion
Instruments Drums

What are the descriptive images found in the song The Wind Cries Mary?

“Wind Cries Mary”: Imagery Jacks in boxes. Clowns gone to bed. Happiness staggering. Red footprints.

Who originally wrote The Wind Cries Mary?

Who was Little Wing written for?

I’m quite certain the insipration for Little Wing was a tribute to his mother. She died when he was 16, and didn’t get much time with her, because his parents had split and he was raised by his Dad. He had dreams about her.

When did purple haze come out?

1967Purple Haze / Released

What is Wind Cries Mary Meaning?

The song was recorded at the end of the “Fire” sessions. It is said to have been inspired when Hendrix and his then girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, had an argument over her cooking; after she stormed out of their apartment; Hendrix wrote “The Wind Cries Mary”, as Mary was Etchingham’s middle name. <

Who wrote the song Purple Haze?

Jimi HendrixPurple Haze / Lyricist

Is Mitch Mitchell still alive?

November 12, 2008Mitch Mitchell / Date of death

Was Mitch Mitchell a good drummer?

Mitch did three or four years of incredible documented work and is considered one of the most influential rock ‘n’ roll drummers.

Is The Wind Cries Mary a love song?

“The Wind Cries Mary” is a rock ballad written by Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix wrote the song as reconciliatory love song for his girlfriend in London Kathy Mary Etchingham. More recent biographical material indicated that some of the lyrics appeared in poetry written by Hendrix earlier in his career when he was in Seattle.

How Hard Is The Wind Cries Mary?

If you are comfortable making barre chords (and I have never seen anyone at the beginner level who is), then Wind Cries Mary is actually pretty easy. Note that you don’t need to use full barres in order to play it.