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How do I create a Kerberos keytab file?

How do I create a Kerberos keytab file?

Create Keytab for Kerberos Authentication in Linux

  1. Validate that Kerberos 5 client is installed. Kerberos 5 client is installed as default.
  2. Create a folder to store keytab file. mkdir ~/kerberos.
  3. Create keytab file.
  4. Validate keytab file.

How do I find the Keytab file?

On the master KDC, the keytab file is located at /etc/krb5/kadm5. keytab , by default. On application servers that provide Kerberized services, the keytab file is located at /etc/krb5/krb5.

How do I get Keytab from Active Directory?

Use the ktpass on the command line utility to export the keytab file. By running the following ktpass command, you generate a keytab file and create a mapping that associates the Kerberos service name with the identity in Active Directory.

What is Ktutil command?

The ktutil command is an interactive command-line interface utility for managing the keylist in keytab files. You must read in a keytab’s keylist before you can manage it. Also, the user running the ktutil command must have read/write permissions on the keytab.

How is a Keytab generated?

The keytab is generated by running kadmin and issuing the ktadd command.

How do I create a Keytab file in Windows?

Create Keytab for Kerberos Authentication in Windows

  1. ktpass -princ [Windows user name]@[Realm name] -pass [Password] -crypto [Encryption type] -ptype [Principle type] -kvno [Key version number] -out [Keytab file path]
  2. ktab -a [Windows user name]@[Realm name] [Password] -n [Key version number] -k [Keytab file path]

How do I copy a Keytab file?

To copy the keytab file

  1. (UNIX) Copy the file to the /NSH/br directory. For example, if BMC Server Automation is installed in the default location, the file should be located here:
  2. (Windows) Copy the file to the \NSH\br directory.

What is a Kerberos keytab file?

The Kerberos Keytab file contains mappings between Kerberos Principal names and DES-encrypted keys that are derived from the password used to log into the Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC).

How do I create a Kerberos principal in Active Directory?

  1. Determine the Kerberos Service Principal Level.
  2. Configure the Kerberos Configuration File.
  3. Create Kerberos Principal Accounts in Active Directory.
  4. Generate the Service Principal Name and Keytab File Name Formats.
  5. Generate the Keytab Files.
  6. Enable Delegation for the Kerberos Principal User Accounts in Active Directory.

How do I create a Windows Keytab file?

Use the ktpass tool to create the Kerberos keytab file for the service principal name (SPN). Use the latest version of the ktpass tool that matches the Windows server level that you are using. For more information on the ktpass tool, see the ktpass command.

What is Keytab file?

The keytab file is an encrypted, local, on-disk copy of the host’s key. The keytab file, like the stash file (Create the Database) is a potential point-of-entry for a break-in, and if compromised, would allow unrestricted access to its host.

How do I create a Keytab file using Kinit?

Creating a keytab file for the Kerberos service account (using the ktutil command on Linux)

  1. Start the ktutil tool by invoking it from the command line without any arguments.
  2. Enter the password that you used when creating the Spotfire database account.
  3. Verify the created keytab by running the klist and kinit utilities:

How do I find Windows Keytab files?

After the keytab file is generated, copy the keytab file to a UNIX machine having kinit utility. Verify the connection with DNS using – kinit user@DOMAIN which is kinit [email protected] as per above sample values….

Sample command for Windows keytab file
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What is Keytab file in Kerberos?

The purpose of the Keytab file is to allow the user to access distinct Kerberos Services without being prompted for a password at each Service. Furthermore, it allows scripts and daemons to login to Kerberos Services without the need to store clear-text passwords or for human intervention.

How do I import Kerberos Keytab?


  1. From the top menu, select Secure Web Settings > Global Settings > Kerberos Configuration. The current Kerberos configuration is displayed.
  2. On the Keyfiles tab, take actions as needed. Import a keytab file. Click Import. In the Import Keytab File window, click Browse.

How is Keytab file generated?

You use the Microsoft Windows Server ktpass utility to generate a keytab file for each user account you created in Active Directory. You must generate the keytab files on a member server or on a domain controller within the Active Directory domain.

What is Kinit and Keytab?

When you kinit with a password, kerberos uses a “string to key” algorithm to convert your password to the secret key used by the KDC. A keytab is just means for storing the secret key in a local file. So when you kinit using a keytab, it uses the key in the keytab to decrypt the blob.

How do I create a Keytab file in Windows 10?

Does Ktpass create SPN?

How do I create a Ktpass Keytab?

Creating a Kerberos keytab using ktpass

  1. Enter a command line entry similar to this for DES (all on one line). ktpass -princ FNCEWS_ [email protected] -pass mypassword -crypto DES-CBC-MD5 -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -kvno 0 -out c:\x\my.keytab.
  2. Or enter the following for RC4-HMAC encryption (all on one line):