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What is Eurocentric science?

What is Eurocentric science?

By a Eurocentric history of science I mean any account of the birth and growth of modern science that appeals solely to intellectual, social, and cultural influences, causes, and ideas within Europe, and that marginalizes the importance of contributions, if any, of cultures beyond Europe to the birth and growth of …

What is Eurocentrism in political science?

Eurocentrism has been variously defined as an attitude, conceptual apparatus, or set of empirical beliefs that frame Europe as the primary engine and architect of world history, the bearer of universal values and reason, and the pinnacle and therefore model of progress and development.

What are the features of Eurocentrism?


  • Ignoring or undervaluing non-European societies as inferior to Western;
  • Ignoring or undervaluing what Asians or Africans do within their own society or seeing the histories of non-European societies simply in European terms, or as part of “the expansion of Europe” and its civilizing influence.

What caused Eurocentrism?

Eurocentrism, in this sense, is a result of European colonialism and global domination by Western powers. The different events that shaped Western supremacy are the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and Modernity, which, however, did not necessarily develop in linear ways in one particular place.

Is Eurocentrism a problem?

More specifically, the study shows how Eurocentrism (in various guises) is detrimental to theoretical development, empirical analysis and policy debates, claiming instead that European integration should be integrated into a larger and more general discourse of comparative regionalism, built around general concepts and …

What is the impact of Eurocentrism?

The persistence of Eurocentrism has had the following effects: (i) It has damaged non-European societies through the ‘colonisa- tion’ of their intellectuals. (ii) It has impoverished the academic disciplines themselves which remain unaware of alternative sources of knowledge outside main- stream development.

Is Eurocentrism an example of ethnocentrism?

Eurocentrism is a particular case of the more general phenomenon of ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism refers to the regard of one’s own ethnic group or society as superior to others. Other groups are assessed and judged in terms of the categories and standards of evaluation of one’s own group.

Why is Eurocentrism important?

Eurocentrism has been a particularly important concept in development studies. Brohman (1995) argued that Eurocentrism “perpetuated intellectual dependence on a restricted group of prestigious Western academic institutions that determine the subject matter and methods of research”.

Who created Eurocentrism?

economist Samir Amin
The abstract noun Eurocentrism (French eurocentrisme, earlier europocentrisme) as the term for an ideology was coined in the 1970s by the Egyptian Marxian economist Samir Amin, then director of the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

What is Eurocentrism essay?

Eurocentrism is the discourse that emphasizes European concerns, culture, and values at the expense of others. It uses Europe as a cultural rather than a cartographical expression, which incorporates the so-called “West,” in other words, Western Europe and North America.

When did Eurocentrism begin?

The term “Eurocentrism” dates back to the late 1970s but it did not become prevalent until the 1990s, when it was frequently applied in the context of decolonisation and development and humanitarian aid that industrialised countries offered to developing countries.

How do you use Eurocentrism in a sentence?

Eurocentric sentence example

  1. Adherents of multicultural educational theory believe that the idea that students should be Americanized, in reality, assumed they should conform to a white, Eurocentric cultural model.
  2. Eurocentric history, if not already dead, is ripe for execution.

What is Eurocentrism ethnic studies?

In simple terms, Eurocentrism signifies that Europe and Euro- pean values became a foundational source of meaning through which individuals, groups, and nations from the continent could develop attitudes based on emerging ideologies of racial, religious, Page 4 Lowy / ETHNIC STUDIES AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER 715 cultural …

What causes Eurocentrism?

What is Eurocentrism simple?

Definition of Eurocentric : centered on Europe or the Europeans especially : reflecting a tendency to interpret the world in terms of European or Anglo-American values and experiences.

What does Eurocentric mean for kids?

From Academic Kids Eurocentrism is the practice, conscious or otherwise, of placing emphasis on European (and, generally, Western) concerns, culture and values at the expense of those of other cultures.

When did Eurocentrism start?