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What is the current line-up of the specials?

What is the current line-up of the specials?

The current line-up of The Specials – lead singer Terry Hall, guitarist/vocalist Lynval Golding and Horace – and co-producer Nikolaj Torp Larsen gathered in February 2020 to begin work.

Who were the specials?

Terry HallLead VocalsJerry DammersNeville StaplePercussionLynval GoldingGuitarHorace PanterBass guitarRoddy RadiationLead guitar
The Specials/Members

Where are the specials from?

Coventry, United KingdomThe Specials / Origin

What were the specials called before?

The band was first called the Automatics, then the Coventry Automatics. Vocalist Neville Staple and guitarist Roddy Byers (usually known as Roddy Radiation) joined the band the following year; the new line-up changed their name to the Special AKA.

Who is the girl with The Specials?

Alert to the danger, The Specials bring out the woman from that photo, Saffiyah Khan, now a 20-year-old activist and model. She takes Prince Buster’s Ten Commandments, gives it a sweary feminist makeover, shows Hall some moves and leaves the crowd wanting more.

Who discovered The Specials?

by songwriter/keyboardist Jerry Dammers. He found inspiration in the sounds of Jamaican ska, the pre-reggae style that enjoyed a vogue of international popularity in the early 1960s and never fell out of favor in Britain’s West Indian communities.

When did The Specials break up?

The Specials formed in 1977. As well as writing the band’s music, keyboardist Dammers started the 2 Tone Records label on which the band released their music. After a string of Top 10 records, including A Message to You, Rudy, Rat Race and Ghost Town, the group split up in 1981.

Why did Roddy leave The Specials?

Roddy Radiation, the iconic guitarist of The Specials, has announced he is leaving the band to focus on his band The Skabilly Rebels and other solo projects. A statement he shared exclusively with The Coventry Telegraph read: “Roddy ‘Radiation’ Byers has left the band too concentrate on his solo career.

Who is safiyyah Khan?

Safiyyah Khan dreams of starting her own business. A second-year commerce student at McMaster University, she is learning valuable business skills this summer working as a Brand Ambassador at Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga.

How did The Specials meet?

The Specials formed as the Coventry Automatics in 1977 when Jerry Dammers, the keyboard-playing son of a clergyman, asked a fellow student at Lanchester Polytechnic, bassist Horace Panter, to help him record a set of self-penned reggae songs.

How old is Saffiyah Khan?

On their remake, the Specials replace the original backing track with the riddim from Dawn Penn’s dancehall smash “You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No).” Then they hand the mic to Birmingham activist Saffiyah Kahn, a 21-year-old activist whose image went viral when she was photographed standing off against a leader of the …