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Does Chlo and Donte come back to Waterloo Road?

Does Chlo and Donte come back to Waterloo Road?

Adam Thomas has officially confirmed that Waterloo Road original characters Donte and Chloe will be returning for the reboot.

What happens to Chlo and Donte Waterloo Road?

It is revealed that a drunk Chlo climbed onto Donte and obscured his view of the road, which lead to the crash. When she refuses to take the blame for Donte, they break up, however reconcile later on. In court, Donte is found guilty by the judge, despite Chlo’s best efforts in admitting the truth.

Do Chloe and Dante end up together?

In Series 3 Episode 1, Chlo and Donte get married in a small ceremony, with his father Clarence Charles, present. Donte is very close with his father throughout his time at Waterloo Road. In Series 3 Episode 5, Donte discovers that Chlo has been sleeping with Brett Aspinall, Chlo’s sister Mika Grainger’s boyfriend.

Does Kim come back in Waterloo Road?

Angela Griffin, who played Kim Campbell in the first five series of Waterloo Road, will be returning as the new headteacher of Waterloo Road. Adam Thomas and Katie Griffiths will also be returning as Donte and Chlo Charles. Thomas and Griffiths both left at the end of the fourth series.

Who is returning to Waterloo Road?

In January, the BBC revealed that three much-loved Waterloo Road characters would be back for the new series. Angela Griffin will reprise her role as Kim Campbell, who is returning to Waterloo Road as the school’s newest headteacher.

Does Andrew come back to Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road Comprehensive is the scene for more extra-curricular drama when former deputy head Andrew Treneman returns from Rwanda to thrash things out with his ex, head of pastoral care, Kim Campbell.

Does Jade give her baby away Waterloo Road?

Michael advises Jade to get checked out by the school nurse. There, she is astonished to discover she is pregnant with Drew’s baby! Drew hurts Jade and she therefore has to go to hospital….She-Hulk Trailer Dropped – The Loop.

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