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Where are Bach strads made?

Where are Bach strads made?

Elkhart, Indiana
Vincent Bach professional and intermediate trumpet models are made in Elkhart, Indiana while a full line of Bach student trumpets are made in Eastlake, Ohio.

How much is an intermediate trombone?

$1,400 to $2,800
Intermediate, or step-up trombones usually range in cost $1,400 to $2,800 and entry level pro trombones (still largely played by advanced students) around $2,800 and up.

What is a student trombone?

Student trombones are machine made and built for economy and durability. They play well, but don’t have all the high-end features and craftsmanship found on intermediate and professional models. A student trombone should be suitable for most players for the first 2 to 3 years.

Where are Bach trombones made?

The Bach line of brass instruments continues to be made in Elkhart, Indiana, using the same blueprints and the same techniques as the originals. They are sold as a premium brand under the name “Bach Stradivarius” as well as the student line “Bach” horns, manufactured in Eastlake Ohio.

What is the difference between a Bach 37 and 43?

Bach Stradivarius professional B-flat trumpet outfit. This horn, commonly known as the “43S,” features the model 43 bell. The 43 is known as being broader, brighter and more open than the more common model 37. Standard features include: 0.459″ medium-large (ML) bore Number 43 bell.

How much is a tenor trombone?

Intermediate players can expect to pay as low as $150 for an alto and $470 for a tenor. The cost can go up as high as $5,000 or more depending solely on the brand and model.

Where is the serial number on a Bach trombone?

Serial numbers on trombones normally appear on the body near the slide receiver (arrow) or on the slide receiver or mouthpiece receiver (circled).

Did Stradivarius make trumpets?

Bach Stradivarius Valves After 1977 Bach began making trumpets with one-piece yellow brass valve casings. One-piece valve casings have less potential for air leakage, and are also less expensive to produce on a CNC machine.

How much is my Bach trombone worth?

Opting to buy a used trombone can be usually a great way to save money, whether you are a student or beginner player, or even an intermediate or pro-level trombonist….Used Trombone Prices.

Model Price Range
Bach TB301 $200 – $800
Conn-Selmer TB711 $200 – $700
Yamaha YSL-354 $200 – $700
Yamaha 350C $400 – $1200

How can I tell how old trombone is?

The easiest and usually most precise way is to look for the serial number. In most cases there is a serial number engraved in the trombone. Usually that number can be found on the handbrace of the bellsection, the braces of the slide or the slide itself. Conn trombones usually are only engraved on the outer slide.