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Will there be an adaptation of The Song of Achilles?

Will there be an adaptation of The Song of Achilles?

This posting is long overdue, but I’m thrilled to finally report that Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd., producer of the acclaimed BBC series Peaky Blinders, has optioned the rights to Song of Achilles for a possible television mini-series.

Is Circe a sequel to Song of Achilles?

“Circe” is Madeline Miller’s second novel and the spiritual sequel to her highly acclaimed retelling of “The Illiad,” through “The Song of Achilles.” The novel reinvents “The Odyssey” through the eyes of a sorceress, Circe, who garners little attention in the story’s original adaption.

Is Song of Achilles real mythology?

Song of Achilles is a partial retelling of Homer’s Iliad narrated by Patroclus, Achilles’ childhood companion and, over time, Achilles’ lover. But this does not adequately describe the width and depth this book covers. Even though you know how the story ends, this retelling does not lack for drama or poetry.

Is The Song of Achilles historically accurate?

Miller’s debut novel, a retelling of the life of Achilles through the eyes and voice of his lover Patroclus, is a tour de force of history, mythology, politics, and devotion. Most readers will know the basic storyline, and Miller stays true to the events portrayed in The Iliad while contributing her own insights.

What should I watch after Achilles song?

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Should I read Circe or The Song of Achilles first?

Technically, The Song of Achilles comes first, but if the Trojan War isn’t your style, you can read Circe without missing anything.

Should I read Song of Achilles or Circe?

If you are looking for a deep dive into Achilles’s relationship with Patroclus and a story devoid of much of the noise from the rest of the Iliad, pick up The Song of Achilles. If you are in search of a book that offers an empowering narrative of a feared and hated female character in Greek mythology, pick up Circe.

Why is Achilles song problematic?

It is a plotline which betrays one of Miller’s biggest flaws, her propensity for moral anachronism: the heroes’ rejection of sexual assault is her way of putting Achilles and Patroclus on a higher moral pedestal than their peers. This does not only concern sexual assault, but homosexuality as well.

Do I need to read The Iliad before Song of Achilles?

Although knowledge of The Iliad is not necessary, if you are familiar, even vaguely, with the Epic Tradition, the book becomes highly lucid and even more loveable; it’s much like watching a spin-off of your favourite TV show and understanding and appreciating all the subtle references.

Is The Song of Achilles hard to understand?

There are scenes where the emotions jump straight from the page. I think what I like most about the writing of The Song of Achilles is that it is easy to understand. It’s a classic story, told through beautiful writing that anyone can understand.

Can I read Circe before The Song of Achilles?

“Circe” gives away the ending to the first book and briefly talks about the characters, but it does not continue where “The Song of Achilles” left off. Having some knowledge of the plot and characters would be helpful but is not required.

How long does it take to read Song of Achilles?

6 hours and 58 minutes
The average reader will spend 6 hours and 58 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Did Patroclus ever marry?

What is this? So as soon as Phoenix found out that Thetis had a daughter (by the way, she was also named Thetis), he decided to marry her off. He knew that if Patroclus got married, his wife would help him run the kingdom – and would help him to forget about Thetis’ favoritism of Achilles.