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Who was in DJ Waley Babu?

Who was in DJ Waley Babu?

“DJ Waley Babu” is a Punjabi-Hindi hip-hop single by Badshah featuring Aastha Gill, released by Sony Music India on 16 July 2015.

When was DJ Wale Babu released?

2019DJ Wale Babu / Released

Who is the girl in DJ Wale Babu?

Natasa Stankovic
Natasa Stankovic is from Siberia and had moved to India to work as a model. Dj Wala Babu was her first music video. She was seen as a dancer in approximately three movies before landing the role of a lead dancer in the song DJ Wale Babu.

Who is the actress in DJ song?

The film stars Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde, while Rao Ramesh, Subbaraju, Chandra Mohan, and Murali Sharma play supporting roles.

Is Hardik Pandya wife is Indian?

Nataša StankovićHardik Pandya / Wife (m. 2020)
Personal life. Pandya got engaged to an Indian-based Serbian dancer and actress Nataša Stanković on 1 January 2020. On 30 July, their first child, Agastya Pandya, was born.

Is Natasa Stankovic married?

Hardik PandyaNataša Stanković / Spouse (m. 2020)
Stanković got engaged to Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya on 1 January 2020. They got married during the COVID pandemic quarantine. The couple have a son, Agastya, born on 30 July 2020.

Is Natasha pregnant before marriage?

Natasha Stankovic Natasha left everyone surprised with the news of expecting her first child with Hardik Pandya. They posted several pictures on Instagram and announced their pregnancy and tied the knot in lockdown.

How did Hardik and Natasha meet?

The couple reportedly met at a nightclub and fell for each other instantly. Apparently, Natasha had no idea who he was.

Is Natasha is pregnant again?

Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stanković not pregnant! Confirms close friend Aleksandar Ilic – Hindustan Times.

When did Natasa get pregnant?

Last year in May 2020, Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic surprised everyone by announcing that they were pregnant, and two months later, their son Agastya was born.

When did Natasha got married?

2020 (Hardik Pandya)Nataša Stanković / Wedding date

How did hardik and Natasha meet?