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How do you get to Winter Harbor on Vancouver Island?

How do you get to Winter Harbor on Vancouver Island?

Winter Harbour is commonly accessed by boat from Quatsino Sound, by floatplane, and by vehicle via a gravel logging road, approximately 75 km from Port Hardy.

Is the road to winter Harbour paved?

From Holberg it is a narrow road and 25km to Winter Harbour. Boat in… From Coal Harbour is a 20 minute drive from Port Hardy on paved road. Coal Harbour has an excellent concrete launch ramp (larger boats may want to be careful of tides) and SECURE TRUCK AND TRAILER STORAGE.

Where can I fish in winter Harbour?

Winter Harbour also offers some excellent inside fishing for monster Marble River Chinook and huge coho runs that are heading up various rivers up the inlet. Our ocean waters offer excellent bottom fish including huge halibut, Ling Cod, Red Snapper (Yellow Eye) and a variety of rock fish.

What is the population of winter Harbour?

Its population of 6 full-time residents blossoms in the summer, and it becomes a vibrant and character-filled location for vacationers and locals. There are many cabins available for rental in all seasons. It’s the closest community to Grant Bay, a great location for winter storm watching.

What is the road like to Cape Scott?

gravel road
The gravel road to Cape Scott is well-marked and well-maintained with plenty of signs for first-timers, but it’s important to drive with caution. Sedans can definitely handle the graded gravel road, but you’ll have better handling in a truck or SUV. Pull over for any oncoming vehicles.

How do I get to grant Bay BC?

In theory, the route is fairly straightforward. Out of Holberg take the SE Main, then South Main toward Winter Harbour. At the fork before Winter Harbour take the right onto West Main and follow the signs to the W300 and the trailhead.

Where can I fish in Port Hardy?

When fishing out of Port Hardy Bay, the local hotspots are in the sand flats off the Pt Hardy Airport, Backside of Malcolm Island, Taylor Bank, and Morgan Shoal. If you are fishing off Quatsino Sound, try for halibut 5-7 miles of the Cains Island Lighthouse in 250 – 400 feet of water.

How difficult is the Cape Scott trail?

The Cape Scott Trail experiences very little elevation gain throughout the 20km distance to the lighthouse. Substantial sections of the trail are flat, with boardwalk being common early on. While the trail is not technically difficult, however, hikers must be prepared to have wet feet by the end of it.

Is there cell service at Cape Scott?

Cell phones do not work anywhere in Cape Scott Provincial Park. Always leave an itinerary at home with friends or family. Consider purchasing or renting a SPOT GPS locator, VHF radio, or satellite telephone for your trip. Water can be found in the park in streams along trails and near camping areas.

How do I get to Brady’s Beach?

To get to Brady’s Beach you have to catch one of 2 water taxi’s across to east Bamfield. $5/person one way. It is about a 40 minute walk up and down gravel roads to get to the beach. The beach was beautiful and worth the walk…but not something I would recommend for anyone with health issues.

How do I get to grant Bay on Vancouver Island?

Where can I find halibut in Port Hardy?

How is fishing in Port Hardy?

From open ocean to tidal flats and rugged rivers, fishing in Port Hardy has a little something for everyone. At the top end of Johnstone Strait and the north end of Vancouver Island, the area is well-known, by angler and Orca alike, as a place where salmon returning to rivers to the south congregate and then pass by.

What’s the best bait for lingcod?

Bait. There are several techniques to successfully catch Lingcod or Rockfish. My favorites include “fish traps” or “swim baits” (lead hooked head and plastic “tail” section), live bait (anchovies, Mackerel or baby Rockfish), or frozen squid.

What are the best lures for lingcod?

Lingcod Flutter Jigs Root beer with gold sparkle perfectly mimics most of the forage fish that make up the majority of a Lingcod’s diet. You can get these in 2 ounce to 9 ounce, so great for moderately deep reefs up into the shallow nearshore. Flutter jigs are a proven lure for Lingcod fishing.

Do you need reservations for Cape Scott?

Do I need to make a reservation? You are not required to make reservations to hike or camp in Cape Scott Park. However, camping fees are in effect from May 1st until September 30th and may either be paid in cash at the trailhead or by registering online.

Is the road to Cape Scott paved?

It is an unpaved road and not permitted on your car rental contract.

How difficult is Cape Scott trail?

Many sections of the trails in Cape Scott Provincial Park are extremely muddy and difficult to traverse. Visitors should be equipped for wet weather. High-topped leather or rubber boots should be carried and proper hiking boots should be worn.

Where is Bradys Beach?

Vancouver Island
Brady’s beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Vancouver Island. It is a largely sandy beach but with a lot of rocky outcrops and small tree covered islands which are typical of the Pacific west coast.

Where is winter harbour BC?

Winter Harbour is the western-most settlement on the west coast about 41 kilometres (25 mi) from the northwest tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This unincorporated community on Winter Harbour is on the northern side of Quatsino Sound at the mouth.

What accommodations are available at Winter Harbour?

Accommodations are available ranging from a cozy wall tent right on the dock to a 3 bdrm fully furnished apartment with the best views (deck) in all of Winter Harbour. Winter Harbour is located on the North West corner of Vancouver Island. South of Cape Scott and North of Brooks Peninsula at the mouth of Quatsino Sound.

Why is it called Winter Harbour?

Winter Harbour is a fishing village on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, at the mouth of the Quatsino Sound, in British Columbia, Canada. It was named in the 19th century because of its eponymous bay that forms a safe natural harbour.

Where is Winter Harbour on Quatsino Sound?

This unincorporated community on Winter Harbour is on the northern side of Quatsino Sound at the mouth. The harbour name has been used at least since 1871, being a safe natural harbour along a coast noted for turbulent seas.