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How do you identify Whitefriars glass?

How do you identify Whitefriars glass?

Familiarize yourself with Whitefriars originals so you can spot rogue colours – a tell tale sign of a fake. Look carefully at the texture of the glass. For example with fake Drunken Bricklayers the moulds some are blown in are less crisp and therefore inferior to the Whitefriars originals.

Is Whitefriars Glass valuable?

A good piece of facon de Venise Whitefriars can bring prices in the high hundreds, while there are plenty of buyers for the vaseline glass shades and vases that characterise the Harry Powell era.

Is Whitefriars glass still made?

The Closure of the works. In October 1980, after 300 years of glassmaking and only 57 years in Wealdstone, the Whitefriars Glass Factory finally closed its doors.

Where was Whitefriars Glass made?

the City of London
Whitefriars Glass was originally made in the City of London before the factory moved to the Harrow area in the 1920s. This type of glass is famed for its beautiful colours and amazing designs, and is now highly valued and collectable. The image on display shows examples of Whitefriars Glass on display at Harrow Museum.

Is Whitefriars glass hand blown?

Whitefriars Glassworks has three claims to fame. First, it was England’s longest producing glassworks, surviving for at least 260 years until it closed in 1980. Second, it made hand blown glass almost exclusively; it was never a pressed glass works. And thirdly, it is probably the worlds best documented glass works.

What is a white friar?

Noun. 1. White Friar – a Roman Catholic friar wearing the white cloak of the Carmelite order; mendicant preachers. Carmelite. Carmelite order, Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel – a Roman Catholic mendicant order founded in the 12th century.

What order are Whitefriars?

the Order of Carmelites
White friars are members of the Order of Carmelites.

Who were the Whitefriars?

A small group of Carmelites reached England in 1242. Eventually some 40 Carmelite communities were established across Britain, where, because on formal occasions they wore white mantels over their brown habits, they became known as the White Friars. The White Friars first built a small chapel in London in about 1253.

What is the pattern on the Whitefriars Glass Bowls?

Made by Whitefriars, designed by Barnaby Powell, pattern number 9030. A British ruby red and clear cased glass bowl with controlled bubble pattern. Made by Whitefriars, pattern number 9099. A British ruby red glass lobed vase with controlled bubbles encased in the glass. Made by Whitefriars, pattern number 9117.

What kind of Glass did Whitefriars make?

Originally the company made stained glass, and scientific and industrial glass. Whitefriars began making glass tableware during the 1860’s. in 1875, Nathanael’s son, Harry James Powell, joined Whitefriars, and ran the company until 1919 and created many designs. In 1923, the company relocated to a new factory in Middlesex.

What is a Whitefriars vase pattern number?

Made by Whitefriars, designed by Geoffrey Baxter, part of his textured range, pattern number 9832. A British ruby red and clear cased glass tapering vase. Made by Whitefriars, designed by Geoffrey Baxter, part of his textured range, pattern number 9834, labelled.

How do I search Whitefriars windows and tableware?

You can search Whitefriars windows, tableware and memories by location, designer, colour or design. Glass type filter EverythingAll GlassGlass WindowsTableware GlassYour Memories