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Is Spector A good bass?

Is Spector A good bass?

And since these basses are equipped with Fishman Presys+ electronics, you’ll sound incredible anywhere. With modern feel, powerful pickups, and nearly 40 years of experience, Spector NS basses have established themselves as the authority on modern bass design.

Where are Spector bass guitars made?

Drawing upon years of legendary design, Spector’s Euro Series basses are individually crafted by hand in the Czech Republic. Each bass is constructed using only the finest source materials, including hand-selected tone woods from the most fertile regions of the United States and Europe.

What strings come on a Spector bass?

Spector Stainless Steel Strings use a tapered string design on the D A E (also the B strings in 5 string sets) to deliver the maximum tone possible and have an even response across the neck of your electric bass!

Is a 4 string bass better?

A 4 string bass has a narrower neck, wider string spacing, and is easier to play. In comparison, a 5 string bass has an extra string allowing an extended lower range to play notes in lower keys and the choice of more scales, chords, and arpeggios but has a wider neck and a heavier instrument.

Who makes Spector?

Korg USA
Spector evolved into Spector/Kramer in the ’80s, Stuart Spector Design in the ’90s, and back to Spector in the 2000s. In 2015, Korg USA took over distribution in the U.S. and Canada, and in 2019 Korg purchased the company, now known as Spector Musical Instruments.

Where are Spector ethos basses made?

Since the ’80s, Spector has moved much of their production to outside of the US, either to the Czech Republic where its Euro-branded bass guitars are made, or to one of several factories in Asia, where its new NS Dimension and Ethos ranges are manufactured – in Korea, to be precise.

How do you identify Spector bass?

The “SS” Spector Logo at the top of the headstock will also usually look gold instead of white.

Who owns Spector bass?

In 2015, KORG, USA took over distribution in the USA & Canada, and eventually purchased Spector Bass in 2019.

Is 4 or 5 string bass better?

The biggest reason to choose a 5 string bass over a 4 string is the lower range available thanks to the 5th string. This opens a wide range of possibilities for scales, arpeggios, and chords that are not possible on a 4 string. Many also feel the wider fretboard is more playable than the long, thin 4 string neck.

Who owns Spector bass company?

Korg USA has acquired Spector Bass Company, the former has announced. Korg, which has been managing the bass company’s import bass distribution since 2015, says they will be able to help bolster the company’s expansion.

Does Korg own Spector?

In 2015, KORG, USA took over distribution in the USA & Canada, and eventually purchased Spector Bass in 2019. Now, under the name Spector Musical Instruments, the brand is headquartered on Long Island, NY, with USA basses still coming out of the same Woodstock, NY woodshop that Stuart moved into decades ago.

Where are Spector NS basses made?

Our Performer Series are now made in Indonesia and were previously made in China. Our Performer Series are our most affordable basses and are all passive (meaning the do not have Active Tone Circuits) have flat non-curved more traditional electric bass body shape, 1pc maple necks, and Performer bridges.

What is a Spector ReBop?

Electronics in the ReBop are Spector’s TonePump active tone controls with knobs for volume, bass boost, and treble boost. The volume control doubles as a push/pull knob for switching between single or dual coil pickup modes. The ReBop is rounded out with black hardware and Spctor’s aluminum locking bridge.

What is the easiest bass guitar to play?

Here Are the Best Beginner Bass Guitars

  • ESP LTD B-204SM (Best under $500)
  • Sterling by MusicMan SUB Stingray 4 HH (Best Under $400)
  • Ibanez GSRM20B (Best Short Scale Bass)
  • Yamaha TRBX174.
  • Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass.
  • Ibanez SR370E.
  • Yamaha BB234. Shop on Sweetwater.
  • Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS3Q. Check Amazon Price.

Is Korg still in business?

OUR COMMITMENT. Since 1963 KORG USA Inc has been a sales and marketing leader in the music industry as the exclusive US distributor of the world’s finest musical instrument brands. At KORG USA, we don’t collect brands. We build them.