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What are bearings on a foosball table?

What are bearings on a foosball table?

A bearing is a part that is inserted into the holes in the sides of the table that allow the rods to slide in and out of the table. The bearings allow for less friction between the rod and the hole so you can easily perform fast shots. This is a part overlooked by many players when shopping for a foosball table.

What is the most common bearing size?

Ball bearing size charts are widely available, and can be used to find the measurements of a specific bearing. Series 6200 and 6300 are the most commonly used, and typically range from 10 x 30 x 9 mm (. 394 x 1.181 x . 354 in) to 150 x 320 x 65 mm (5.906 x 12.598 x 2.559 in).

How do you choose a bearing?

Selection of bearing type

  1. Installation space. Bearing can be installed in target equipment.
  2. Load. Load magnitude, type and direction which applied.
  3. Rotational speed. Response to rotational speed of equipment in which bearings will be installed.
  4. Running accuracy.
  5. Rigidity.
  6. Misalignment.
  7. Mounting and dismounting.

How do you determine bearing size?

To find the inner diameter of a bearing, you need to measure from one side of the inner ring to the other. To measure the inner diameter of a bearing, insert the outer anvils of your vernier caliper into the bore and open the caliper until it meets the inner bore of the bearing.

How do I choose the right bearings?

How to choose the right bearing for your application:

  1. Find the Bearing Load & Load Capacity. First, know the type and amount of bearing load that your application will place on the bearing.
  2. Know the Rotational Speed of Your Application.
  3. Factor in Bearing Runout & Rigidity.
  4. Find the Right Lubrication for Your Bearings Needs.

What do you use to lubricate a foosball table?

Spray Silicone Silicone is essential to keeping your foosball rods clean and maintained. Silicone can also significantly help extend the life of the bearings on your table and improve the speed and performance of your foosball game. You can use either liquid or spray silicone on your rods.

How do you select bearings?