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How do you say Real in Spanish?

How do you say Real in Spanish?

real, adj.

  1. 1.1(actual, not imaginary) real. verdadero. in real life — en la vida real.
  2. 1.2(actual, not apparent) (culprit/reason/name) verdadero. I never met my real mother — nunca conocí a mi verdadera madre. More example sentences.
  3. 1.3(genuine, not fake) (fur/leather) auténtico. (fur/leather) genuino.
  4. 1.4. auténtico. verdadero.

What does the Spanish word real mean in Real Madrid?

At that time, King Alfonso XIII granted the club his royal patronage which came in the form of the title “Real Madrid,” meaning “Royal.” Thus, Alfonso’s crown was added to the crest and the club styled itself Real Madrid Club de Fútbol.

What does Camino mean?

way; path; road
Noun. camino m. way; path; road.

What does real Spanish mean in English?

Dictionary. real adjective. real (verdadero) royal [ˈrɔɪəl] (regio) true [tru:] (hecho)

What is the meaning of verdadero?

verdadero. genuine ; true ; truly ; red-blooded ; actual.

What does reˈal mean in Mexico?

adjective. 1. (= de la realeza) royal.

Why are Spanish teams called reˈal?

“The RFEF was founded in 1913, and the king granted it the title of ‘Real’ that same year,” the federation’s Pablo Garcia Cuervo told ESPN. “By then, various clubs had already received the title. Clubs would make the monarch an honorary member, and by way of thanks, the Royal Household would name them ‘Real.

Why is reˈal used in Spain?

The real (English: /ɹeɪˈɑl/ Spanish: /reˈal/) (meaning: “royal”, plural: reales) was a unit of currency in Spain for several centuries after the mid-14th century. It underwent several changes in value relative to other units throughout its lifetime until it was replaced by the peseta in 1868.

What is the meaning of amor verdadero?

English Translation. true love. More meanings for amor verdadero. truelove noun.

What does Janeiro mean in Spanish?

noun. January [noun] the first month of the year, the month following December.

What is the meaning of La Selva?

the jungle
La Selva (Spanish for the jungle) may refer to: La Selva Beach, California.

What does Ahorita mean Spanish?

Ahortia can mean: Right now, right away or immediately. This is a very straight forward, easy to understand definition of the word ahorita.

What means Ahorita?

In Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, “Ahorita” means a little later, while “Ahora” means right now. In Mexico, Columbia and other countries “Ahorita” always means “right now”. So, you need to know whom you’re talking to (what country he’s from).

What does a por la Real Madrid mean?

Real Madrid’s players all wore a special jersey with the message “A Por La” 14 on the back following their stunning 3-1 win over Manchester City in the second leg of their UCL semifinal. A Por La means let’s go for No. 14- Real Madrid will be aiming to win their 14th European Cup against Liverpool later this month.

What does vaqueros mean in English?

herdsman, cowboy
Definition of vaquero : herdsman, cowboy —used in reference to cowboys in areas (such as Mexico and the southwestern U.S.) where Spanish is spoken Just as they were among the most accomplished of all horsemen, vaqueros were masters of the rope which they called reata.—

Does Caballero mean gentleman?

caballero in Spanish is “GENTLEMAN”.

What does real mean in Spanish?

real ( ril ) adjective 1. (true) a. real Her books are based on real events.Sus libros se basan en hechos reales. b. auténtico This is real coffee, not that instant stuff they sell.Esto es café auténtico, no esa cosa instantánea que venden. c. de ley My bracelet is made of real gold.Mi pulsera está hecha de oro de ley. 2. (actual) a. verdadero

Is Spanish a real language?

Together, TelevisaUnivision owns the largest library of Spanish-language content and intellectual property in the world, and the most prolific long-form Spanish-language content engine in the industry. As a result of the combination, TelevisaUnivision reaches over 60% of the respective TV audiences in both the U.S. and Mexico.

What does the Spanish word real mean?

The word Real is a Spanish word that means royal in the English language. It was used by clubs in Spain who got royal support from the current king of Spain. The most notable clubs with this name include Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Real Betis, and Real Zaragoza. What does real mean in Real Sociedad?

How to say real in Spanish?

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