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What does it mean to syphon money?

What does it mean to syphon money?

to dishonestly take money from an organization or other supply, and use it for a purpose for which it was not intended: He lost his job when it was discovered that he had been siphoning off money from the company for his own use.

What does siphon mean in business?

to dishonestly take money
From Longman Business Dictionarysi‧phon /ˈsaɪfən/ (also syphon) verb [transitive] to dishonestly take money from a business, account etc and use it for a purpose for which it was not intendedsiphon something from/off somethingI later found she had siphoned thousands of dollars from our bank account.

What is an example of a siphon?

Siphons are often used to empty containers of liquid that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to empty, for example, a large glass fish tank. In a siphon, the water falling down one side of the tube pulls up water on the other side (figure 1).

What is a siphon synonym?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for siphon, like: drain, siphon-off, tube, draw, funnel, pump, syphon, divert and pipe.

How does a siphon work?

A siphon is a tube that allows liquid to travel upward, above the surface of the origin reservoir, then downwards to a lower level without using a pump. When a certain amount of water moves over the bend in the siphon, gravity pulls it down on the longer leg lowers the atmospheric pressure in the bend of the siphon.

How do syphons work?

What is a antonym for the word siphon?

Opposite of to empty or draw out from a space or container. fill. supply. provision. imbue.

How does siphon work?

How do I stop siphoning?

There are two ways to stop a siphon:

  1. Put a valve inline with the siphon that simply blocks the flow, “freezing” the state of the system.
  2. Put a valve in the top of the siphon that allows air into the tubing, breaking the suction that keeps the siphon flowing.

Will O the Wisp idiom meaning?

Meaning of will-o’-the-wisp in English something that is impossible to get or achieve: Full employment is the will-o’-the-wisp that politicians have been chasing for decades. Unachievable. be (a) no go idiom.

How do siphons work?

What are siphons used for?

It is a long bent pipe that is used to transfer liquid from a reservoir at a higher elevation to another reservoir at a lower level when the two reservoirs are separated by a hill or high-level ground as shown in the figure below.