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What happened to NIIT Technologies?

What happened to NIIT Technologies?

NEW DELHI : NIIT Technologies Limited, a global IT solutions and services organization, on Monday announced that the company has begun operating under a new name Coforge Limited with a newly designed logo.

Is NIIT Technologies and NIIT Ltd same?

In 2004, NIIT sectioned off its software business into an independent organization called NIIT Technologies Ltd.

Why did NIIT change to Coforge?

NIIT Technologies looks to sustain 18% OPMs in its business in the medium term. Currently, digital contributes 40% of the total revenue basket and it targets to scale up the digital basket contribution to 45%. The rebranding as Coforge was to signal faster pace of growth under its new promoters.

Is NIIT Technologies a good company?

Nice company to explorer himself and always been opportunity to grow you career in this company. Team work culture is good,salary structure is good & never faced any with salary matter.

What is the new name of NIIT?

Coforge Limited
Noida | INDIA, August 24, 2020: NIIT Technologies Limited (NSE: COFORGE), a leading global IT solutions and services organization, announced that the company has begun operating under a new name Coforge Limited with a newly designed company logo unveiled today.

What is the full name of NIIT?

National Institute of Information TechnologyNIIT / Full name
The full form of NIIT is the National Institute of Information Technology. NIIT is a multinational education-oriented organization focused on information and computer technology and its headquarters in Gurgaon, India. It is primarily known for its IT training but also offers corporate IT solutions.

What do you know about NIIT Technologies?

NIIT Technologies Limited is an IT firm based in Noida, India. It is the leading IT organization which meets the customer requirements by providing services like the infrastructure management services, travel and transportation, Insurance & media sectors, IP assets or platform services and banking & financial services.

Who acquired NIIT Technologies?

Baring Private Equity Asia
The development comes nearly a year after investment firm Baring Private Equity Asia signed pacts to acquire a 30% stake in NIIT Technologies in April last year. At the same time, it made an open offer to buy 26% more in the Indian software services company from public shareholders.

What is the package of NIIT?

NIIT University Placement Highlights 2021

Particulars Statistics
Total number of PPOs 74
Average CTC Rs. 6.16 LPA
Median CTC Rs. 5.5 LPA
Highest CTC Rs. 24.08 LPA

Is NIT Government or private?

The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are the central government-owned-public technical institutes under the ownership of Ministry of Education, Government of India.