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What is the Chinese drama guardian about?

What is the Chinese drama guardian about?

Synopsis. Guardian is set on the Earth-like planet of Haixing, populated by a native human population and two alien races — the Yashou, who are able to shapeshift into plants and animals, and the Dixing, superpowered beings who live deep underground.

Is Guardian Chinese drama a BL?

Guardian is a 40 episodes web series that is adapted from a BL novel. The original story line is a BL supernatural Hell and Heaven related but in order to pass China censorship.

How many episodes of guardian Chinese drama?

Episodes (40) Supersleuth Zhao Yunlan meets unsuspecting university professor Shen Wei and the two men are drawn together. They strike up a close -if somewhat unconventional- friendship. But they soon find themselves at the heart of a high-stakes supernatural battle involving mysterious evil foes.

Where was guardian Chinese drama filmed?

Shanghai Film Studios
The drama is set in a fictional world that looks like contemporary China, in the fictional Dragon City. The drama was shot at Shanghai Film Studios, and in one location in the mountains in Suzhou.

Is Guardian a happy or sad ending?

I WAS DEVASTATED WITH THE ENDING of Guardian! I knew that the drama has a sad ending before I even started watching it but still wanted to give it a go and once I was done with it I cursed myself as to why I watched it!

Does Guardian Chinese drama have a happy ending?

It’s not really a sad ending, but it’s not quite a happy ending, either. It’s both bittersweet and optimistic… and I immediately rushed to AO3 to heal my shattered soul with the soothing balm of fanfiction. Basically, is Guardian the best-written show in the world?

What book is guardian based on?

The Guardian is the seventh novel by the American writer Nicholas Sparks. The book is about a Great Dane named Singer who is the pet of a widow named Julie who is trying to find a new life partner….The Guardian (novel)

First edition
Author Nicholas Sparks
ISBN 978-0-446-69611-1
Preceded by Nights in Rodanthe
Followed by The Wedding

Is Guardian Chinese drama dubbed?

Lead actors Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong used their own voices for the parts that needed to be dubbed. All other actors had someone else dub their voices.

How does guardian Cdrama end?

In the original ending, Zhao Yunlan is stuck as a spirit in Dixing and opens a school that he is the headmaster over. He searches for Shen Wei for 10,000 years and finally finds Shen and Ye Zun as little boys with glasses, and he swears to them that he will never leave them again.

Can CI pin read?

Don’t get discouraged by the sci-fi genre, this novel is accessible to everyone and can be read without any prior scientific knowledge! Can Ci Pin might be directed towards the general public but it’s not a light read. PLEASE read the content warnings before starting!

Why are Chinese dramas always dubbed?

Voice acting is also sometimes used to improve an actor’s otherwise poor performance. Censorship may also require changing some lines in post-production. There are actors who are usually not dubbed, including Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Jin Dong, Jiang Xin and Deng Chao.