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Who are ice cubes parents?

Who are ice cubes parents?

Kimberly WoodruffHosea JacksonDoris Benjamin
O’Shea Jackson Jr./Parents

Ice Cube was born on June 15, 1969, in Los Angeles, to Doris, a hospital clerk and custodian, and Hosea Jackson, a machinist and UCLA groundskeeper. He has an older brother, and they had a half-sister who was murdered when Cube was 12. He grew up on Van Wick Street in the Westmont section of South Los Angeles.

Is O’Shea Jackson Jr related to Ice Cube?

O’Shea Jackson, Jr. is the eldest son of Kim and Ice Cube. He was born in 1991, the year before his parents officially tied the knot. O’Shea followed his father’s footsteps and works as an actor and rapper and performs under the name OMG.

How many baby mommas does Ice Cube have?

Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff-Jackson have five children: O’Shea Jackson Jr., Darrell Jackson, Shareef Jackson, Karima Jackson, and Deja Jackson.

Who is O’Shea Jackson Jr father?

Hosea JacksonO’Shea Jackson Jr. / Father

Did Ice Cube son play in den of thieves?

In 2018, Jackson starred in the film Den of Thieves, which also included 50 Cent and Gerard Butler.

How many kids did MC Ren have?

five children
Personal life. In June 1993, he married Yaasamen Alaa, with whom he has five children. His oldest son, Anthony, is an aspiring rapper under the name “Waxxie”, and has collaborated with other sons of N.W.A members.

Is O’Shea Jackson married?

Kimberly WoodruffO’Shea Jackson Jr. / Spouse (m. 1992)

Who is O’Shea Jackson from the West Coast?

Groundbreaking West Coast “gangsta” rapper, actor, screenwriter, executive producer and director Ice Cube was born O’Shea Jackson on June 15, 1969, to Doris and Hosea Jackson in Los Angeles, California. The Jacksons were a working class family; Hosea was a groundskeeper at UCLA, and Doris worked as a hospital clerk.

Where is Ice Cube’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Rapper Ice Cube and family at Ice Cube’s Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony held on June 12, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Recording artist/actor Ice Cube, holding plaque, and family attend his being honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June 12, 2017 in…

Who is Ice Cube’s father?

Ice Cube father. Hosea Jackson (father) Hosea was a groundskeeper and machinist at UCLA. His son thanked him during his speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame for being the father who was always there for him.

How many kids does Ice Cube have?

Beyond his status as an internationally recognized rap artist, Ice cube is a husband of one and a father to five kids. Jackson is one of the few artists in the hip hop world that have remained faithful to just one woman since the inception of their career and still appears to be kicking with this wife of over two decades.

Who is Ice Cube’s wife Kimberly Woodruff?

Kimberly Woodruff has been married to Ice Cube for 28 years and has devoted every one of those years to her family, profession, and art. She has assumed the position of the family matriarch, caring for her children and ensuring that her husband’s career advancement is as smooth as possible.