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Who made the Harry Potter Puppet song?

Who made the Harry Potter Puppet song?

The video has been viewed over 172 million times. Potter Puppet Pals, created by Neil Cicierega, Emily Cicierega and Alora Lanzillotta, started in the early 2000s with animated videos of Harry Potter puppets, particularly one in which Ron bothers Snape.

Who is puppet pals Harry?

Neil Cicierega
Harry, Ron, Dumbledore and Hermione. The Potter Puppet Pals series is one of Neil Cicierega’s major projects, formerly just in Flash animation, but has now expanded to actual puppet shows and even music.

What is ShowMe app?

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When was Luna Lovegood born?

February 13, 1981Luna Lovegood / Date of birth

Is Neil Cicierega alive?

He also released a series of mashup albums under his own name that have since gained a cult following….

Neil Cicierega
Occupation Comedian actor filmmaker singer musician songwriter puppeteer artist animator
Years active 1999–present
Spouse(s) Ming Doyle ​ ​ ( m. 2015)​

How do I turn my iPad into a whiteboard?

Switch off the audio on your iPad. Click the ‘Screen Share’ button and select ‘Whiteboard’ on your iPad. You can start drawing/writing on your whiteboard. (Optional) Click the ‘More’ button, then click ‘Save to Photos’ to save your whiteboard drawings.

When did the mysterious ticking noise come out?

March 23, 2007
“The Mysterious Ticking Noise”, released March 23, 2007, was the 22nd most-viewed video on YouTube as of January 1, 2013 with over 137.5 million views.

Is Potter Puppet Pals Lemon Demon?

He is best known as the creator of a genre of Flash animation he termed “Animutation”, the Harry Potter puppet parody series Potter Puppet Pals, and several music albums under the name Lemon Demon.

What was the first Potter Puppet Pals?

Potter Puppet Pals is a puppet show web series parodying the Harry Potter novel series by J. K. Rowling, created by Neil Cicierega. The sign showing the Potter Puppet Pals logo that appears at the start of most episodes. The first two episodes were animated, both released in 2003 on Newgrounds.