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What is legend in Scilab?

What is legend in Scilab?

The Legend entity is a leaf of the graphics entities hierarchy. This entity defines the parameters for legends drawn below plot2dx graphs or created by the captions function. For selected line plotted, the legend shows a sample of the line type, marker symbol, and color.

How do you make a legend in Scilab?


  1. 1 or “in_upper_right”: the legend is drawn in the upper right-hand corner (default).
  2. 2 or “in_upper_left”:the legend is drawn in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. 3 or “in_lower_left”: the legend is drawn in the lower left-hand corner.
  4. 4 or “in_lower_right”: the legend is drawn in the lower right-hand corner.

What is figure Scilab?

The figure entity is the top level of the graphics entities hierarchy. This entity contain a number of properties designed to control many aspects of displaying Scilab graphics objects. These properties fall into two categories.

What is SCF in Scilab?

scf – set the current graphic figure (window)

What is subplot in Scilab?

Description. subplot(m,n,p) or subplot(mnp) breaks the graphics window into an m-by-n matrix of sub-windows and selects the p-th sub-window for drawing the current plot.

How do I add a title to Scilab?

xtitle add titles on a 2D or 3D plot. title is the general title and x_label, y_label and z_label are the titles on the three axis. If the arguments are matrices, each line of the matrices is displayed on a different line. Enter the command xtitle() to see a demo.

What is LineWidth in Scilab?

The line thickness/width is specified with LineWidth option. The number 3 specifies the thickness/width of the line, higher values meaning thicker lines. Since we have specified the x parameter, on the horizontal axis we’ll have the values of the angle and not its index.

What is in Scilab?

Scilab includes hundreds of mathematical functions with the possibility to add interactively functions from various languages (C, Fortran…). It has sophisticated data structures (including lists, polynomials, rational functions, linear systems…), an interpreter and a high level programming language.

How do I display in Scilab?

Display data in Scilab using the disp() function In the simplest form, the disp function prints in the Scilab console only the value of the variables x1, x2, xN , without printing also the variable name. The variables to be displayed can be of type: scalar.

What does CLF mean in Scilab?

clf – Clears and resets a figure or a frame uicontrol.

What is the difference between a plot and a subplot?

In simple terms, a plot is a sequence of connected events that are bound together by cause and effort. The subplot is a side story that exists within the main plot. The subplot is connected to the main story but never overpowers it.

How do I use the title function in Scilab?

title() is used to set and display a title at the top of the current or given axes, or to change properties of the existing title. title() can be called with a functional syntax like title(“My title”, “fontsize”, 3) or with an equivalent console-oriented syntax like title “My title” fontsize 3 .

What is GCA in Scilab?

gca – Return handle of current axes. Graphics.

What is CLF in Scilab?

Description. The clf command can be used to delete all children of a given graphic window, hence clearing it. If the “reset” keyword is used, in addition most of the figure properties are reset to their default values.

What is use of Scilab?

It can be used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations, numerical optimization, and modeling, simulation of explicit and implicit dynamical systems and (if the corresponding toolbox is installed) symbolic manipulations. Scilab.