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Which is the best mountain army in the world?

Which is the best mountain army in the world?

Indian Army has the world’s most competent mountain division trained for high-altitude warfare, a Chinese military expert has acknowledged adding that mountaineering is an “essential skill” for each Indian soldier deployed in the mountains.

Is Indian army best in mountain warfare?

The Indian Army is among the most experienced and best trained in mountain warfare having fought numerous conflicts in the Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir while maintaining one of the largest active contingents of mountain warfare forces in the world, giving the Indian Army some of the most …

What command does Fort Drum fall under?

The modern 10th Mountain Division was reactivated at Fort Drum, New York, on Feb. 13, 1985, as one of the U.S. Army’s new “light infantry” divisions under the command of Brig. Gen. William S.

Why Indian army is good at mountain warfare?

“In terms of equipment, the Indian military, through procurement from abroad and domestic research and development, has equipped a large number of main battle weapons adapted to the combat environment of the plateau and mountains.”

Why Indian Army is best in mountain warfare?

The Indian Army is the best practitioner of mountain warfare with maximum experience because its officers and personnel spend a major part of their service in the mountains. The Indian Army is the largest mountain fighting force across the world with more than 2,00,000 troops in 12 divisions.

Is the Mountain Warfare Badge authorized?

However, this badge is widely worn by other graduates of the Army Mountain Warfare School though not officially authorized. The award is authorized for wear by commanders discretion in most state Army National Guards.

Who goes to mountain warfare school?

“The United States Army Mountain Warfare School specializes in training Soldiers and units how to be more mobile, lethal and survivable in mountainous and restricted terrain.” More than 500 military mountaineers graduate each year from the basic, two-week course, which is offered year-round.

Does India have a strong army?

The United States, China, Russia, and India presently hold the top four military superpower positions, making it difficult to attack one another, especially given other variables such as the expanding economy, population, and market.

Are there Marines at Fort Drum?

(AP) — It’s a first for Fort Drum: the Air Force, Army and Marine Corps training together at the northern New York military post. Soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors often work together during overseas deployments, but they don’t get many opportunities to train that way.

Can you wear a navy warfare pin on an Army uniform?

(1) Military combat or special skill badges awarded by other U.S. Services that are similar to U.S. Army combat or special skill badges are worn on the Army uniform in the same manner as U.S. Army combat or special skill badges, only if no Army badges are authorized for wear in the same group.

Is the mountain warfare Badge authorized?