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How to unlock Moon in disco zoo?

How to unlock Moon in disco zoo?

After maxing out 15 pens, the two space regions of Moon and Mars are unlocked. When rescuing an animal of which the player already has 25 copies in their zoo, they will also be given the option to prepare it for space instead of releasing it.

What are the timeless Animals in disco zoo?

Timeless Animals

  • Chicken.
  • Babmoon.
  • Marsten.
  • Yukon Camel.

What do balls do in Disco zoo?

You can buy balls for your animals to play with. They will kick the ball around the field to others. There are 6 kinds of balls & 2 other toys: Basketball, which costs 100,000 coins or 5 discobux.

How do you get a lot of money in disco zoo?

Find missing animals to gain rewards Every once in a while your animals will escape to other pens and the zoo keeper alerts you. Find them quickly and you’ll get rewarded. Typically the reward is a few thousand coins or even better, DiscoBux.

How do you beat disco zoo?

Disco Zoo: Top 10 tips and tricks to grow your animal population as fast as possible!

  1. Learn animal patterns early on, or buy the ZooPedia.
  2. Animal tiles are almost always connected to another.
  3. Wait to start a disco until you have a good stock of animals.
  4. Only use DiscoBux during rescues if mythical animals are involved.

What happens when you time rewind in disco zoo?

After each time rewind, you will unlock a new timeless animal which can stay awake longer and earn more coins.

What happens when you rewind time in disco zoo?

After the time rewind, you will keep all bux, hats, decor, space coins and balls but lose all coins, regions and trophies, so spending all coins on hats, decor, balls or earning more space coins before every time rewind is recommended.

How many levels does smash hit have?

This game offers a staggering 150 levels, promising an experience that lasts quite a while.

How do you free animals on disco zoo?

Freeing Animals After collecting 25 animals of the same kind, players could still rescue the animal but it will not be added to the zoo. Player will release those animals and earn some cash back, which is determined by how much you spent on the rescue.

How do you progress fast in disco zoo?

How do you free animals in disco zoo?

Does the game Smash Hit ever end?

The player must shoot metal balls to destroy glass obstacles, but must aim carefully with a limited supply of ammunition (25 balls); the game ends if it ever depletes. Any collision with an obstacle results in the loss of a large amount of ammo, namely ten balls.

Who invented Smash Hit?

Dennis Gustafsson is a Swedish programmer specializing in physics, and one of the two main developers of Smash Hit, the other being Henrik Johansson. He co-founded Mediocre with Henrik in 2010 to create the game Sprinkle.

What is the rarest animal in disco zoo?

Disco Zoo Guide: Animal Types, Patterns and Stats

  • Pig. Rarity: Common. Coins per min: 3.
  • Rabbit. Rarity: Common. Coins per min: 3.
  • Horse. Rarity: Rare. Coins per min: 5.
  • Cow. Rarity: Rare. Coins per min: 5.
  • Unicorn. Rarity: Mythical. Coins per min: 7.
  • Platypus. Rarity: Common. Coins per min: 4.
  • Crocodile. Rarity: Common.
  • Koala. Rarity: Rare.

What does Time Machine do on disco zoo?

The time machine is used to unlock timeless animals. The time machine can be activated after you have collected 10 regions with 10 animals of every kind.

What is the world record for Smash Hit?

Since 999999 is the max distance (without the numbers glitching), that is the maximum distance, meaning that this is the maximum possible world record of Smash Hit.

Can you beat Smash Hit?

In Smash Hit, it is impossible to win. The player is guaranteed to lose eventually, since they will run out of balls. The objective of the game is how far the player got before stopping (their distance, which can be after they run out of balls because of the Ball Frenzy (Infinite Balls) Power Up).

What is the highest score in Smash Hit?

What do hats do in Disco zoo?

Hats are purchasable items that can be worn by your animals. Occasionally a visitor will lose a hat, prompting you to find it in a habitat. When the hat is found, it can be returned for a reward of coins, or bought for one Discobux.

Should you time rewind disco zoo?

What do you do in Disco Zoo?

From the creators of Tiny Tower comes Disco Zoo! Tiny Animals. Big Fun. Travel to regions around the world and collect everything from pigs to dinosaurs for your Disco Zoo. Discover hidden animals through casual puzzle play. Manage and expand your zoo to maximize earnings.

How do I download Disco Zoo on my Mac?

Disco Zoo on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. From the creators of Tiny Tower comes Disco Zoo! Tiny Animals. Big Fun. Travel to regions around the world and collect everything from pigs to dinosaurs for your Disco Zoo. Discover hidden animals through casual puzzle play.

What is whats discozoo?

Whats Discozoo? Disco zoo is an game made by the creators of Tiny Tower, Nimblebit, and you can check it out at the Google Play Store or the iTunes store. Did you know this site is avaliable offline?