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Is Lucemon evil?

Is Lucemon evil?

Lucemon appeared as a noble hero turned mad villain and one of the characters in Digimon Fusion (Xros Wars in the Japanese version).

Who defeated Lucemon?

Yang Susanoomon
The Brothers Yin and Yang Susanoomon far outclasses Lucemon, and in spite of all his strength, Lucemon is struck down. Lucemon Shadowlord Mode half-emerging into the Human World. Susanoomon only manages to scan Lucemon’s good data causing him to split into two Digi-Eggs, a light one and a dark one.

How do you get Lucemon in chaos mode?

In order to digivolve or degenerate into Lucemon Chaos Mode, your Digimon must be at least level 36 with a level cap of 60, but only once you have revived Devimon, Angemon, and Chaos Mode. It can be hatched from the Demon Egg.

What level is Lucemon?

Lucemon is a Holy Vaccine type, Rookie level Digimon.

Who is the strongest 7 demon?

Even though it is known as the “seven” princes, there had always been far more than seven. Each member of the group was ‘blessed’ by Ayin. Out of all members, Satan was blessed the most which made him the strongest demon to rule Hell, above even Lucifer.

What does Lucemon do in Digimon Frontier?

Digimon Frontier: “Fight Susanoomon, Lucemon Reaches The Human World!!” Launches energy bolts from its stinger. Summons a pillar of evil energy to attack the enemy. Lucemon: Falldown Mode (including or not including Lucemon Satan Mode)

What is the Digivolution for Lucemon chaos mode?

Lucemon Larva is a card digivolution, as an alternate digivolution for Lucemon Chaos Mode . Lucemon Larva is a Burst Mode-level Mercenary Digimon. Lucemon Larva digivolves from Lucemon Chaos Mode, once the ” Source of Darkness ” has been applied to it.

Can You digivolve Lucemon with chirinmon?

Lucemon can DigiFuse to Varodurumon with Valkyrimon, AncientKazemon, and Chirinmon, and to Lucemon Chaos Mode with Vilemon, Minotarumon, and Angemon . Lucemon is a Light Vaccine Type, Rookie level Digimon and uses 14 memory. It digivolves from Tokomon and can digivolve to Angemon, Devimon, and can Warp Digivolve directly to Lucemon Falldown Mode.