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What is BD bactec FX?

What is BD bactec FX?

The BD BACTEC™ FX system is designed for performance, efficiency, ease of use and flexibility – keeping pace with the rapidly changing needs of the laboratory. The system can streamline workflow and minimize process steps – two factors which are key to reducing labour costs.

How does the bactec FX work?

The BD BACTEC™ Automated Blood Culture System utilizes fluorescent technology in detecting the growth of or- ganisms in the blood culture bottles. When microorganisms are present in the cultured vials, they metabolize nutrients in the culture medium, releasing carbon dioxide into the medi- um.

How do blood culture machines work?

These systems, such as the BACTEC, BacT/ALERT and VersaTrek, consist of an incubator in which the culture bottles are continuously mixed. Growth is detected by sensors that measure the levels of gases inside the bottle—most commonly carbon dioxide—which serve as an indicator of microbial metabolism.

What do positive blood cultures mean?

A blood culture is a test that checks for foreign invaders like bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms in your blood. Having these pathogens in your bloodstream can be a sign of a blood infection, a condition known as bacteremia. A positive blood culture means that you have bacteria in your blood.

What is BD Phoenix?

BD Phoenix™ automated identification and susceptibility testing system. The BD Phoenix™ automated identification and susceptibility testing system provides rapid, accurate and reliable detection of known and emerging antimicrobial resistance.

How serious is a positive blood culture?

If two or more of your blood cultures come back positive for the same type of bacteria or fungi, it’s likely that that’s the type of bacteria or yeast that’s causing your infection. An infection in your blood is serious. You’ll need immediate treatment, probably in a hospital.

Does a positive blood culture mean sepsis?

An abnormal (positive) result means that germs were identified in your blood. The medical term for this is bacteremia. This can be the result of sepsis. Sepsis is a medical emergency and you will be admitted to a hospital for treatment.

How does the BD Phoenix work?

The BD Phoenix Automated Microbiology System is a broth based microdilution method that utilizes a redox indicator (colorimetric oxidation-reduction) to enhance detection of organism growth.

What is BD Phoenix M50?

The BD Phoenix™ M50 instrument determines growth using both an oxidation-reduction indicator and turbidity growth detection to help provide both rapid and accurate susceptibility results. True doubling dilutions.

How long do you wait between blood cultures?

Each set of blood cultures are to be drawn from two separate venipuncture sites at approximately 15 minutes apart. If two separate venipunctures are not able to be drawn, the provider must be notified, and collaboration should be done to determine if two sets are necessary.

Does a positive blood culture always mean sepsis?

Blood cultures represent an important diagnostic tool, though they detect bacteremia in only about 50% of patients who are clinically suspected of having sepsis (2), with an even lower rate of positivity when drawn in the presence of ongoing antibiotic therapy (3-6).

What is the BD BACTEC™ FX System?

The BD BACTEC™ FX builds on the proven superior fluorescence detection technology, exceptional media performance and instrument reliability of the BD BACTEC™ 9000 blood culture systems. The BD BACTEC™ FX system is designed for performance, efficiency, ease of use and flexibility – keeping pace with the rapidly changing needs of the laboratory.

Where to find BD BACTEC™FX fluorescent technology?

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What is the BD BACTEC perfect media pair?

Combined with the BD BACTEC™ blood culture instrument, the BD BACTEC perfect media pair offers improved time to detection and enhanced recovery with exceptional performance

How many BD BACTEC vials are in a box?

•A pair of one BD BACTEC™Plus Aerobic/F and one BD BACTEC Plus Anaerobic/F vial in one conveniently packaged set (25 sets per box). •Helps to ensure the collection of blood culture sets and thus suffi cient volumes of blood. •Streamlines the logistics of blood culture vial distribution on the wards.