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What is Cabrakan?

What is Cabrakan?

Cabrakan (also known as Caprakan) was a Mayan god of earthquakes and mountains. He is the son of Vucub-Caquix and is mentioned in the Popul vuh.

What role is Cabrakan in smite?

He is the Render of Stone, the Earthsunder. He is Cabrakan, Destroyer of Mountains. Proud, boastful, confident to the point of arrogance, Cabrakan revels in his strength, tearing down what the earth has labored to rise.

Is Cabrakan a guardian?

Cabrakan is one of the playable Gods in SMITE….

Title: Destroyer of Mountains
Pantheon: Maya
Type: Melee,Magical
Class: Guardian

Is there a God of tattoos?

Acat was a deity in Maya mythology associated with the process of tattooing.

Who is the Mayan god of war?

Buluc Chabtan
Buluc Chabtan – The God of War.

What is tremble in smite?

Tremble. Tremble is a hard crowd control. A trembling unit will move erratically toward the source for the duration.

Can you cancel Cabrakan tremors?

Cabrakan’s 3rd ability – Tremors – is an AOE spell that deals damage and trembles enemies all around him. It can be cast for a maximum of 10s, drains mana for each half second using it, and can be cancelled at any time during the cast.

Did Mayans drink alcohol?

Pulque is an alcoholic drink which was first drunk by the Maya, Aztecs, Huastecs and other cultures in ancient Mesoamerica. Similar to beer, it is made from the fermented juice or sap of the maguey plant (Agave americana).

What does chaac look like?

Chaac is usually depicted with a human body showing reptilian or amphibian scales, and with a non-human head evincing fangs and a long, pendulous nose. In the Classic style, a shell serves as his ear ornament.

Is cripple hard CC?

Cripple. Cripple is a soft crowd control. A crippled god is unable to use movement abilities abilities like leaps(if crippled while leaping you’re stunned), dashes, or teleports.

What is Dr in SMITE?

Firstly, what are Diminishing Returns? In short, DR is when we increase something (movement speed, CC), it is subject to an arbitrary decrease. One thing that we will also get out the way is the difference between a ‘Soft CC’ and a ‘Hard CC’.